What are you who are left here doing for a living?

So, just what are you doing? Studying? Working? What and where?

I can start.
I’m studying 3D graphics at Lule? University of Technology url=http://www.gscept.com[/url] in Skellefte?, in the northern of Sweden. It is a decent city most of the times, but I’m not planning to stay here any longer than I really have to.

This is my third and final year and I’m planning to search the entire globe for a job as a 3D artist at a game studio. I’ve also played with the thought of starting an indie studio with four friends that are studying computer games programming.
We started this summer and made a racing game with space ships using their own engine. We’ve also started to design a local multiplayer game for tablets for up to four players that you really have to buy since it will be pretty god damn awesome and I will create custom characters for DLC later on if we decide to make the game.

I’m planning to use 3D scanning using some Microsoft Kinects to scan people for the game but I will also sculpt characters as good as I can. I’m a fast sculpter and with some time and a bunch of reference photos I should in theory be able to sculpt somethin that looks like a muscly version of anyone.

That’s really all I do. I get up 8AM every morning ang go to bed around 2-4AM. Every night. Monday to Sunday. I’m hoping to get a life somewhere around the summer. It will kick ASS!

Anyway, that is the reason that I haven’t created any new pixel art in a long while now and the reason that I have ~30 unplayed games for the Xbox 360 and 28 unplayed games bought through GOG.com and it really sucks since I really would like to have the time to finally play Skyrim. I bought it when it came out and I haven’t tried it yet.

I really would like to move to Hawaii in the future. Maybe get a job at Mistwalker if I’m lucky and NEVER have to freeze my ass off in the winter.

Attack the midget.

Going to a 4-year liberal arts college. This is my third year. I was planning on majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science, but it looks like it’ll end up being just Math major and CS minor. I enjoy having fun and I like my free time, so I had to drop the double major shit. I work in food service. It’s okay; you don’t have to think a lot, so that’s nice since you usually have to worry about thinking for school already.

What will I do after (assuming I graduate)? Who knows. I have no idea what I want to do once I get out of school. I was thinking about grad school for Math, but we’ll see…

I’ll say as much as I can.

My name is Troid92. I live inside the internet. I’m attached to some IRL guy like Voldemort on Professor Quirrell. When that guy is busy, I’m basically in a coma, on pause.

IRL guy is a full-time academic student, and has been for many years. He is a senior (4th and final year) at a university in the U.S., double majoring in music and computer science. He’s basically running from place to place during the day, then frantically trying to get work done through the night, with an increasingly backed-up list of dreams and aspirations (like switching over to me and making NetMission), and far too many unplayed but owned games to count.

I think that’s as much as IRL guy will let me say. Perhaps next year I won’t be a motionless statue for 8 months at a time. Who knows where IRL guy will end up. But I’ll still be here in the internet, frozen or not.

I’m working full-time as a baker, and have an additional part-time job as a handyman I guess you could say. Thanks to this my schedule is erratic as fuck. Generally speaking I wake at 1AM and bed at 5PM.

Immediate study plans are to get a CDL, and thus get a better job as a trucker.

Future study plans is to go to Feng Zhu Design over in Singapore, and break into the film industry. I need (lots of) money for this though, hence the current plans.

As for personal life, I don’t have one. Odd hours kinda kill that. :frowning:

Holy Cool! I’m looking for a job in either Baking or Pastry Arts! Looking for a Co-op Placement, still no luck.

I’m Living back with my folks in Hudson QC, Canada.

Finished My Baking and Pastry Arts Program at Algonquin college, Ottawa.

Other than that, I’ve been playing lots of video games and recovering from Insomnia…

Hai guys :smiley:

I went to 4 year University, majored in Political Science, now I work in Life Insurance. I still play Super Smash Bros. Competitively and I train a bunch of kids in the new game where all the hype is. I feel like an old man but it’s hard to quit something that you’ve become so attached to. Still gaming, been keeping up with Wii U but still need to play Halo 5 and MGS5.

I’ve been working as a game artist at a Swedish game studio since last August. Creating UI, 2D and 3D assets for the studio’s first game. It has been a really fun journey to go from a three man team with almost no funding to an eight man strong team with enough money to finish this game and start on the next.

For a long long time one of my goals in life was to work with game graphics and now I’m finally there. Feels great. Still don’t like the winters up here though. I live pretty far north (~65? latitude) but I’ve managed to move one degree south, slooowly making my way to Hawaii…

4 year update:

Got CDL, drove a semi for 2 years.

Currently in school, on track to be an Architect.

As for personal life, more of the same… with the exception that I do have a steady woman in my life now.

Wow. That is really cool combo! A truck driver and an architect! :smiley:
I’ve always imagined american truckers like this.