What about the mac guys?

is this only going to be available to PC users?


Unless you use virtual pc for mac.

now that i think about it, i can get get a quarter-way decent computer for free. or i could wait for leopard to come out and use boot camp because virtual pc sucks

a 500 megahertz PC with 128 mb of ram running Windows 98 will cut it. (as long as you have DirectX 8.1 or newer (but for it to run, i would get DiretX 9)):stuck_out_tongue:

PS: you can download boot camp from apple’s website (www.apple.com :stuck_out_tongue:)

PS(AGAIN!):: sorry for that spammy comment.

you could get a file converter like everyone else

a) there is no GM to mac converter
b)This thread is over a year old

hmmmmmmm, perhaps your right :confused:

what is boot camp if you dont mind me asking :confused:

…google…boot…camp. Also, this thread is over 4 months old. Good question, but its old. Boot camp is a partition program created by apple so that mac users could partition their Hard drive and install windows operating system on it. Then it burns a disk of drivers so that the windows os can use the mac’s hardware. It’s pretty slick.

Why wouldn’t you just use PC hardware? I mean…it IS significantly cheaper for more power.

It IS less reliable, with a worse OS, so many security flaws that a baby could plant a virus, and little to no tech support. Macs are the way to go. I’ve had my computers hard drive replaced twice, and the motherboard replaced once, with free software upgrades for the inconvenience, and it cost me nothing. Got anything like THAT?!

I’ve had my hard drives not break since 1997 for free, and I’ve had limitless stores of free software! (I have had over 11 hard drives so far, most of which I still have, and none of which have been rendered unusable.)

Also, my programs don’t work on Mac, so that’s automatic fail right there. :wink:

  1. Viruses don’t appear on mac because people that make them want havoc, and since Windows is so much more widespread, it’s better for them. If mac beats windows (I doubt it, but it is gaining), I guarantee that Viruses hit Macs harder then they have right now.
  2. Mac and PC hardware is Identical, minus BIOS and price.
  3. Yes, almost every part in my computer has a lifetime warranty. Beat that. :stuck_out_tongue:

warrenties are like gambling: you may never need them…

i dont like em

also i don’t like mac

sue me.

mac cant run DX so it fails right there

Adobe used to be a mac only company. Apples were the first computers. We may not have as many games, and that does suck, but can you run a Mac on your PC? No. I can run a PC on my Mac. I agree, it has its flaws. But then again, so does a PC. I’d personally love to have a PC. But I can’t afford one. I am impossible to argue with, because I never give up. I compromise. Also, you guys custom build your PC’s. That way you get parts warranties. I’m not sure if mac has Direct X or not, but hey, who cares? I’m not running crysis or anything crazy. The best game in terms of graphics that I have is Star Wars KOTOR. That’s why I have my 360.

you could always make the mac(phbbt) run windows xD

personally i dont like macs(phbbt)
they irritate me

also, three words

typical mac(phbbt) user

if you know what im talking about, then lol

Yet you can afford a mac? The markup for the same hardware in a mac that is in a PC is 300%!

My dad bought this one for me.

macs are white so they fail right there :astonished: