Weird MP2 Action Replay glitch

i put a cheat for invisibility in the single player game of mp2e,and saved.the next time i started it up,withought cheats, the samus model was frame wire with only the green lighted parts showing.why would it do that?

Wait, how’d you initiate the cheat? Through Action Replay?

That sounds pretty wierd. It’s as if the game got confused when rendering the Samus model and failed to load the textures or mapping. Does it do that with other save files now or just that one?

That “cheat” may just be some sort of debug mode toggle that is saved for some reason. Try going back in with AR, then turning the “cheat” off and saving. If it doesn’t work then, then it’s just being weird, as the title says. The title should be more descriptive than just “weird”, though. fixes

actually the next time i went into a save station the textures came back.

metroid item music

you just the wire frame suit

you can now uhh…well it doesn’t do anything special

whats action replay? :confused:

…the new gameshark, which was the new game genie… i could make a list, but im not cruel like that…

…actually i just didn’t post the list… :stuck_out_tongue:

Where did you get the invisibilty cheat? I want it!
The Action Replay is just like a Game Genie and Game Shark like SD47 said. It modifies game variables and “hacks” if you please. Why hack game variables? Hacking game variables can make you unhittable, unkillable, unbeatable, and give you unlimited ammo. But I’m surprised, they are pretty common.

go on gscentral and youll find tons of weird cheats like where you can have the deathball in singleplayer!

Hmm I use the Invinsible in the main game and that has never happen to samus on my game :confused: . You may have put the code incorrect or something.

it was probably just a one time occurence

most things fix with a reset, ingame, gameshark, or lots of the time, just an occurance within games.

is AR good on Game Cube? i considered getting gameshark for it but after my terrible GameShark experiences on PS2 i decided not to. how would you use death ball in single player lmao thats awsome.

best metroid prime 2 ar code: MOON JUMP!