weird happenings

well, im in england now, seing friends and that, at the school there. anyway, me and my friend were walking through the street, and we saw the badger bus (bus for disabled old guys), and a middle aged man came out, seming to have difficulty walking, helped to his gate by a carer. but when the bus whent around the corner, he walked normaly to his house, and opened the door, and took the paper from the mailbox. he wasnt really disabled, just pretending, probably to get benefits. i find this terrible, posing as a disabled guy. my uncle says i can report him, get him done for fraud. should i bother doing that?

anyway, post odd happenings here

Wait, when you say “odd happenings”, would that apply to ghosts and UFOs and other such related things?

If so, I remember standing outside of my friends house with another friend beside me looking at the stars. While we were looking, something quickly passed by the stars. Something dark, whereas it had no lights. I could tell it was there because it blocked out the stars. I assumed it was my imagination, until my friend pointed out that she saw something in the sky, and she pointed in the exact direction the dark object was heading.

Now, the object was oval shaped, with tapered ends (meaning both ends ended at a point, I think), like an eye. And this thing was HUGE! Something that big woulda made some noise, but it was actually very silent. It made absolutely no noise.

If this isn’t wierd, I don’t know what is.

Well personally, I’d say you should report him if you can/it’s convenient. People like that are all over the place, so you might just ignore it. On the other hand, I would’nt blame you if you did. Your choice, though someone else mgiht be able to find better reasons for doing, or not doing so.

Report who? What? That doesn’t have anything to do with my post…

i think he meant the man who fakes being disabled.

Well, I saw an oval like thing flying though the sky, and I wondered what it was.
I saw it fly across the trees in front of my house, with lights on it’s edges and one light on the bottom front.

I ignored your post, because IT HAS NOTHING to do with this topic. You simply took this as an oppurtunity to start your own story, and completely ignore the topic starters Ideas. So yes, it has nothing to do with your post. If you want attention, start your own goddamn topic, dont detract from the topics of others.

And that’s what I did.

Sheesh, it’s like Project Jenova already

one time i dreamed that i went to school without pants on and a girl in my class had the same dream.

You are a moron! Not only did you not capitalize you sentence, but you also did not capitalize your "i"s, you idiot! God, are you all stupid?!

You sentence?

sigh at least people can understand the words that come out of my mouth, and find meaning to them as well.


(please note that this is really funny now that he cannot simply edit his post to make it look like he didn’t type that)

Red, I warned you already to stop minimodding, and even moreso here considering that you’re minimodding a perfectly acceptible post. Stop being an ignorant jackass please.

Skaarj, don’t worry, you’re fine. Red here just has a habit of jumping the gun on telling people off, despite it not being his place, and despite him being in the wrong half the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a side note, Grammatical Gerbil is without a doubt the most hilarious banned member ever.


Fine, mabye that was minimodding, but since when is it perfectly acceptible to not only start your own story in someone elses topic (I know it’s relevant here sicne it’s weird happenings), but then to say

as if the topic starters post doesnt matter. I may have not handled the situation correctly, but I do still think my intentions were just.

And Gramatical Gerbil is a spambot. It’s programmed to post after the incorrect spelling of specific words.

Actually considering the variety of the things he corrected, the names he called people, the topics he joined and the fact that he himself misspelled things, I think it was an actual person who couldn’t take the mispellings of the Internet and freaked out. Probably a retired English Teacher or something. Most likely not a spambot. However I do think that he is an odd or weird happening.

(P.S. There appears to be solidified, stale chocolate inside my pen. What’s up with that?)

Well, if the first post says “post weird happenings here”, that means you can fucking post weird happenings here. That does not mean “you must comment on my story or die a horrible death”. That means you can post your own. That’s the POINT. To post your own stories and to comment on others’.

And as for the report thing, you quoted someone and then responded to someone else. Of course they’re going to be confused. If you quote someone, you reply to THEM, not to an entirely different post.

Now shut up and get back on topic.

And spambot or otherwise, it still has an infinitely amusing name. :3


Let’s see. I’m not really one to beleive in the supernatural, butI have seen UFO esque objects. I really dont beleive any of these to be aliens, but I can see why some people have suspicions. I think that aliens MUST exist, because its impossible for us to be alone in this universe. But still, I REALLY doubt they could be/are here.

i think that a ufo would see our planet as something similar to a flaming pile of (insert pref. word here)

it would be somewhat interesting, but in the end, you want to stay the hell away from it.

that is of course if they are smart, if not, they are going to be some small multi-celled organizism (maybe less), and will not think at all, and would be vaporized by the atmostphere if they didn’t freeze to death on that asteroid already.

point is, we should laugh and randomly point into the sky.

anyone do any research on sleep? some interesting stuff you feel like posting about it.

LOL UFOs… doesn’t everyone has story about them? In fact, they MADE A SHOW ON THE HISTORY CHANNEL ABOUT UFOs. They claimed that the U.S. has captured a UFO and they went into deep detail on what would be required to make it work (inertia canceller, anti-grav engines, etc.) and even gave stories about people’s sightings. Personally I think that is BS, but hey, who am I? Well anyways, I’ve heard my share of haunted house stories too from the Travelling Channel and friends. In fact, at night, I’ve heared the floor CREAK and the cabinet in my bathroom close. I get freaked out (cuz its 10:00pm and I’m still reading like I shouldn’t be and don’t want a scolding from my parents) but it is no one. Is it haunted? I REALLY doubt it, but again, hey, who am I to say?

yeah, no matter how much you dont believe in something, when you are awake in the middle of the night, shit will scare you, specially if you cannot turn on lights and such.

Lol. Most freaky noises in the night are simply due to gravity. Things that are balancing on something, and decide to stabilize themselves slightly, creating a creaking noise…or a crashing noise. Also, we used to have Mice in the attic, which constituted for the majority of “freaky” noises. It can all be explained…it’s just easier to use “monsters” and “UFOs”.