Weird/cool lego models you made

Anyone designed and built your cool/weird lego models? If so post a pic of 'em for all to see!

Lego cyber skeleton hand
(no scanner or camera available)

Clone scout fighter
(no scanner or camera available)

bounty hunter W/gunship(metroid style)
(no scanner or camera available)

Partially custom jet(started making a model but I started to change it alot)
(no scanner or camera available)

long ranged hover rocket launcher vehicle thing
(no scanner or camera available)

I don’t have a scanner or camera available right now. When I do I’ll edit this and put the pics in.
Post yours and hope I find a USB cable for the old scanner laying around!

sounds cool,i love legos!too bad they are shoved away under tons of boxes in my closet.
if i can get them out, i would build something, but i unfortunately do not have a working scanner either :frowning:

Next time you wanna make a topic and add content, can you at least wait until you HAVE content instead of posting a laundry list of "coming soon"s?