Website feedback

The tilesets section on the resource page has four copies of the Misc. Rocky Tileset tileset. Also, the Magmoor Tiles and the Tallon Underground Tiles are the same :confused:. Just thought this should be pointed out.

By the way, is this the right section to post this in?

There is another mistake. In the enemy sprites ection, the “vines” should be named “reaper.”

They’re called Reaper Vines. >_>

There are, however, other mistakes. Borrower instead of Burrower, lots of missing sheets, and several mislabeled or outdated ones.

I’m not an admin or anything but no double posting!!
Although I shouldn’t talk. I have double posted many times :laughing:

Thats allowed because it was more than (i think 7) days later.

I think the days required is five. looks around for Daz

It is indeed five. And why do these mistakes even matter? I don’t really care…

There is no specific time, just use common sense. That was acceptable.

Or just edit. That way dozens of people don’t start yelling and attacking you.

Yes, but also I’m not sure edits mark the topic as “new post” status. Anyway, lets get back to the discussion of any resource section mistakes. So, could someone who can edit and delete delete the doubles?

Hmm yeah… Only me, Karlprof and Slothien483 can edit the resources section.
I’m very busy finishing up the new team section, so it’s up to Karlprof or Slothien to fix those errors.

Edit: I’m gonna make this topic a general ‘website feedback’ topic. I could use some feedback :slight_smile:

Aren’t you forgetting someone DF? :wink:

I’ve been too busy to mess around with the resources though…

Is there any chance I could help out with the site as an editor or something? I’m quite good with webprogramming, and every time I go to the site I see tons of errors and it really irks me that I can’t fix them and no one else cares. :stuck_out_tongue:

I updated the definition of this topic because it doesn’t include comments (like ones about uploading…)!

If nobody cares, why bother?

Daz means nobody cares about updating (except him).

EDIT: The Magmoor Tiles and the Tallon Tiles are the same. I think it looks more like a Tallon setting, so could it be changed?

Not true. There are other that care about updating the site to where it couldn’t be any newer, they just aren’t in a position to do it.

I’m just saying what Daz said, not my opinion on the matter.

I was directing my statement to Daz…

Then why did you quote me and not Daz?