Warning! major question

please answer this very critical question. are you going to use any pro tools? :O_O: :O_O: :O_O: :O_O: :O_O: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


A.K.A. Don’t ask stupidly moronic questions
Define ‘Pro Tools’
Try not to sound like an absolute moron.
Use smilies wisely.

Also, go away.

Phazon don’t be too hard on him he is a noob after all and Razot don’t be a noob.

I’m going to assume that the people that question was directed at know what “pro tools” are, but that doesn’t help the fact that there isn’t any reason for him to know. “Very critical” can mean anything from “not critical in the least” to “very critical”.

Why is it critical? For whom is it critical?

Sorry, but n00bs just IRRITATE me!
WTG is a Pro-Tool!?

tools that you can only use in the pro version of game maker. an sorry if i am acting like a noob. im only using the free versoin of game maker and if i play a game that uses pro tools then it will brong up the error screen and say that i need to uogarede to th pro versoin of game maker,


If you create the executable for the game, the user doesn’t even need Game Maker to play it. Don’t worry about it, you’ll be able to play the demo even though it uses pro functions. DF isn’t giving out the gm6 file.

The all-caps, spammy title wasn’t necessary, though, even if the question would’ve been that urgent, which it wasn’t.

Ah, I see.
You guys staying GM6?

its just when i played triond it was packed with pro tools so the errors came up and i made a game that wouldn’t work on other computers without game maker

sorry about the title :blush:

Yeah, no problem. Just don’t do it again. >_>

If you gave out the .gmd or .gm6 or .gmk file (depending on which version of Game Maker you made it in), computers without Game Maker wouldn’t be able to run it. But if you used “File → Create Executable” to make an .exe file, it should work on most computers without Game Maker. The difference is that one is the Game Maker source code in a format that only Game Maker can read, and the other is a Windows executable file.

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I’ll lock it anyway, since it’s just polite to lock a thread if the creator requests it, but still–watch it in the future, eh?