I personally Play the miniature game and have all of the RTS games. I just played Mark of Chaos and it’s friggen awsome. post coments about the games or your collection status.

yeah, i have wharhammer 40k. necrons. ive never played a warhammer game, but is there one where you can play as necrons?

yes Dawn of War Dark Crusade contains Necrons
(ps:I collect Necrons too :smiley: )

i’ll probably get that in a few days. i’ll just pass time finishing my extra first game :smiley:

I play 40K… well, used to anyway. I have tons of unpainted, primed tau just sitting in my miniature box. After i bought them, I realized I was too lazy to paint them. I should ask my dad to make a punishment if i dont paint them or something. That’ll get me painting. lol.


I knew we had a topic for this somewhere already. just found it.


that’s warhammer 40k this is warhammer/warhammer40k/warhammer(40)games

Wow I collect Space Marines. Actually, they are so expensive that I have 5 standard Marines (no seargent, painted) and I don’t plan on getting more. 40k RTS aren’t that bad though.

You should try “WARHAMMER Mark of Chaos” as it is an awesome game.

haha… just noticed that >_<

anyway, has anyone played firewarrior? its a fps game about a tau fire warrior. i saw it in a shelf one day, then it was gone. i was just wondering if anyone played it and thought it was good enough for me to buy.

I tried to pirate it but it no working