Warhammer 40k

Talk about warhammer here. Paints, modelling, post pics of your models if you have any. Talk warhammer and yadeyadeyada.

For me to start im a new person to warhammer that plays as tyranids. Love those things, I also have the Dawn of War and Winter Assault expansion pack. Next race im looking into is the tau, very awsome race. :slight_smile:

I do space marinus with 40k and I do Lord of the Rings warhammer to

my space marine army is not quite big, just a tactical squad 2 attack bikes with one plasma gun armed buggy and some other space marinus

my lord of the rings ‘‘army’s’’ are much bigger, I collect almost all races like Rohirrim and orcs. Got a mordor troll and orc. I’m gonna buy the witch king on a fell beast for christmas.

Hey, haven’t been here in awhile. Yeah, I’m a 40K player, but I play Battlefleet Gothic. Porblem is I suck at painting so I kinda stopped a few months ago. I also have DOW and the expansion pack. Right now I’m thinking of making a fangame based on BG, but I don’t know how far I’ll get.
Anyways, glad to see somebody else here who actually knows of this game.

I have a few of those undead, skeleton guys of 40k. I can’t remember the’re name.

You mean Necrons? :confused: They aren’t living dead though. They’re just Terminator like robotic killing machines…

Yeah, they are cool!

Yeah, they have an ability called “We’ll Be Back!” where they regenerate over time. Catch is, they also have a counter where, if 70% of them are destroyed, they have to retreat, meaning an immediate loss for the player. They’re good, but there are ways of fighting them with every other race, most noteably Space Marines.

BUMP: For the Imperium of Man!

I got Dawn Of War a month ago, and I have never played a better strategy game. I was blissfully ignorant of Warhammer 40k until then, but I was very intrigued once I read the manual. I looked it up on Wikipedia, and learned just what it was. Very, very interesting.

In any case, I find the whole concept facinating. The game is free-form - no board, flexible rules, player-chosen stuff, scenarios to go through but ones to make up on your own, and most of all, like the site says, the magic is in assembling and painting the army - these aren’t things you got fresh out of the box, YOU assembled them, YOU painted them, and they are YOURS. Not the game’s. That feeling of ownership must rule.

Dawn of War is awesome, w40k seems even moreso, and I need a hobby, something I can do with my hands. I’m considering whether I should become a player, and I’m leaning heavily towards doing so. Now, what army to choose… I’m either going to go with the Space Marines or the Imperial Guard. Haven’t decided yet.

The whole setting of 40k is… well, so interesting it made me read nearly every one of the 40+ pages Wikipedia has on it. It’s a fantasy setting taken to sci-fi… the Space Marines are the decendants of the Knights (and the Emperor the king), the Imperial Guard the regular soldiers (archers, spearmen etc.), Eldar the elves, Chaos the Black Knights, Orks, the… orks… (what can I say, it’s self explanatory.), Tyranids, the dragons… with a setting like that, how could I not be pulled in?

Curse you, 40k. Curse you for being so interesting. Now where can I find Battle for Macragge in Newfoundland…

My knowledge of the Warhammer universe extends slightly past Dawn of War, which I play regularly. I am writing a fan fiction based in the Warhammer universe, and I have a friend who will point out any mistakes in the ‘fluff’, a word used to mean the aspects of the story that might not be readily obvious to a passerby.

Oh, and I think I did two or three sprites of it…check the artwork section of this forum if you wanna see’em.