Warhammer 40,000

Warhammer: 40,000 is a table-top game in which you paint small figurines to represent your warriors upon the battlefield. It was also recently created as Dawn of War, a strategy game on the PC. This is when I became interested in it. I’ve been playing a lot of Dawn of War lately, and have even considered getting into the table-top game itself. But that is immaterial; today, I decided to sprite something from Warhammer. First on the list: Space Marine.

I shall update either with a new sprite, or modifications to this one.

Something doesn’t look quite right about his shoulders…

Is that intended as a rhetorical remark, or can you not pinpoint the problem?

In the meantime, I’ve also done a Sergeant.

Well, I think the yellow stands out a bit too much and makes the other colours not as ‘powerful’

That’s why it’s called a highlight. :stuck_out_tongue: Space Marines have a section of their shoulder pauldrons, and other parts invisible from that perspective, where brighter colours than the standard are generally placed. Gold or bronze are common highlights on Space Marines.

i see… :>_>:

I see what he meant. 058, the pad looks too triangular (in gets too thin when it reaches the top). The gun on the marine is also terribly small. Other than that, it looks pretty good!

Is it supposed to be terribly big? It’s a rifle, not a cannon. With the reference pics I used, it looks fairly to scale.

Anyway, here’s a Space Marine armed with a Flamethrower:

Oh, and I’ll try’n fix the shoulder pad thing.

EDIT: Is this better?

I just realized something. In the real game, you can paint them hoever you want. So you can colour them however you want on a sprite.

Wait. Are we talking shoulder colour, or shoulder shape? I had thought shape…

colour. it ummmm… is too contrasty.

The shape is better now, though.

Shape is a marked improvement, maybe make the first line going up from the bottom just a little longer. About the bolter, would you mind if I fiddled with it to see what I can do?

Surely, go right on ahead. :slight_smile:

If you’d like, I can post the original spritesheet, which includes the individual body parts. Might make it easier?

Sure… and NO I’m not gonna steal it :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe. I’d get mad, but not very…I don’t intend to use these for anything. :slight_smile:

Ignore the red guy…he was a base, and my reference image was a Blood Angel.

Here’s the one standing frame:
How’s it look? Want me to edit the rest?

(As you can see, I made it more of an Ultramarine… sorry, I got carried away >_> BTW, was there supposed to be a color limit on this? Because I added a few shades…)

Um. The only thing that looks more Ultra-Marinish is the Bolter. :stuck_out_tongue: No colour limit, not intending to use this for anything.

Hm. Only two problems with your bolter. First and foremost, colour. Outline is far too bright(I know you probably used the colour I already had…but I changed it on the actual Marine and forgot to change the Bolter). Second problem is that the hand clutching the front of the Bolter, is WAY too far forward. The reason I left it out of the original image is because it’d look bad.

I like the shoulder, but not the arrow…I’m trying to leave this customizable, so symbols are out for now.

Thanks for helping, though. :slight_smile:

I like the shoulder a lot better.

Don’t be mad at me for making this.

A little comic…

I think the image says it all.

Two things.

Ok, I see what you mean, 058, so I changed it. Made the outline darker and removed the symbol. Also, I moved the hand back a pixel. I think it looks fine… Below the pic is my customized one of my army “The Sons of Terra.”

Coolman, could you see through a block of steel? I don’t think so. The only reason there’s no arm on the other side is because, in a natural position, the arm goes directly behind the gun.

Definitely an improvement. However, being able to see the other arm would and does help.

I added the upper-arm and part of the left shoulder, above the Bolter’s butt.

Oh, and cool colours. The ones on my original are my own custom, the Claws othe Imperium.