Want to help with music, but.....

Ive been waiting for 2 and a half days or so for my registration application to be confirmed by an admin down there at the other board, but nothing has been done.

I have an MP3 of Kraid’s Lair that i want to submit as an example of my work (which will be submitted to OC ReMix very soon) but since Invisionfree has rules against posting links to MP3’s i decided not to post it. Someone over at the other boards please let me in so i can post, or contact me at kp9000aftershock for AIM.

1–Why do we need a theme not in the game?
2–We use midis, not mp3’s.
3–The rules are against posting copyrighted ones, like rips from CD’s and stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:
4–How is this related to Graphics? >_> move
5–Let you in? It’s a free forum, just sign up.

  1. Why do we need a theme not in the game?
    I was hoping you’d just listen and consider me…

  2. We use midis, not mp3’s.
    Why? Midi sounds so horrible… it outweighs the advantage of space saving.

  3. The rules are against posting copyrighted ones, like rips from CD’s and stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:
    Okay, here’s the link.


Even if you don’t need it, please tell me your thoughts on it.

  1. How is this related to Graphics? >_> move
    … My bad.

  2. Let you in? It’s a free forum, just sign up.
    Maybe you misunderstood me. You can sign up and register, but you cant login and post until an administrator reviews and approves the application. That hasn’t happened yet.

I think you have to find the hidden word in the rules first. That’s how it was a few months ago, at least.

We use midis because they’re smaller and easier to remix. CFX was talkingabout allowing the use of MP3’s if you download the pack externally, but it would take forever to download the game if it had MP3’s. :stuck_out_tongue:

I moved a topic about music here from the graphics forum a few days ago. >_>

Why do people here seem to think that music = graphics? <_<;;

Midis = Super Metroid style, which is probably want you want to look for in a 2d metroid game.

I disagree. The only reason midi’s are used today is because of the size. It sounds horrible. Even if you want it to sound like Super Metroid. But, you can only go so far with midi. Also, it doesnt have to be MP3… it can be WAV, with a low bitrate. those arent that big. Look at it this way… would you rather play a game that looks kickass but has a shitty soundtrack? No offense, the remixes are great, its just the midi. Now, if you like, I can make better quality versions of the existing midis without changing the song at all. Maybe some subtle instrument changes. And of course change the fact that it doesn’t sound like its coming from an old Win95 game.

Trust me, the difference is night and day. And I can keep it pretty small.
Can I have permission to try it on one of your existing songs?

Sounds like shit?

perhaps you haven’t even listened to any of the finished ones. You deserved to be slapped, good sir.

You might not want to bash the game you want to work for. :\

I am sorry for the misinterpereted post… When I said “shitty soundtrack” I meant the format. Nothing else.

“No offense, the remixes are great, its just the midi.”

I meant the format. The format sounds like shit.

Why do you guys seem to reject me? I offer help, and all I get back are criticism. Not constructive criticism like I give you guys…

I’m not asking you guys to give up all that hard work you guys went through. I just want to tell you guys that it would be in the best interest of this game to use a better quality format.

—I Love The Songs. The Songs Are Great.—

Here’s my plan: You guys make the midi’s like you want them to be heard, and then I will optimize them so they dont sound like (need I say again) a Win95 game. I wont change anything, and the I will keep the size as small as i can.

-----Pros and Cons of Midi-----

Pro: Smaller size.
Pro: Easy to remix with.
Con: Makes the game look bad.
Con: Sounds blocky and simulated.

-----Pros and Cons of a better format-----

Pro: Sounds professional.
Pro: No original work will be changed.
Pro: Compliments the quality of the GFX
Con: Size

MIDIs are a great way for me to compose music without worrying about how synthetic instruments sound, etc. They’re very easy to use and have 128 already-made instruments to choose from. And the instruments really don’t sound that bad. (They’re a lot better than most Win 95 games I’ve played)

Go ahead and bash MIDIs all you want, but we’re still going to be using them. If you really can’t tolerate them, turn the music off and listen to different music while you play. :unamused:

I love MIDIs. I think they sound fine, and fit well in 2d games like these.

And we never “critisized”, since all that you really gave us is your opinion. But we are still going to use MIDIs, whether you like it or not.

…and your sig is too big.

Our goal is to make this game like the other sidescrollers, thus we WANT the songs to be midis similar to synth music on the SNES or GBA. It’s taking a complex game in 3d, and bringing it back to it’s more simplistic (artisticly) roots.

therefore, Midi is, and will be used. I could Make Mp3 versions as well with the garagband software I have as well. But I’m not going to because that isn’t our aim. You can still help out. We’re just explaining the situation, not putting you down.

Ok, I’ll respect you guys’ decision on this, instead of being another one of your problems, which you don’t currently need right now. I am just itching to do some of the contribution for this game and music is one of my strongpoints. I can do a little bit of midi work, but nothing too special. I work mostly with Reason and Home Studio.

Can I peice together a remix of (one or two of) the current midi’s just for the hell of it? I think its only fair to ask…

EDIT: I don’t plan on using this anywhere else for my benefit. This won’t go anywhere except for here, if it is allowed.

I think you would have to contact CAD before you remix some, but he hasn’t been around lately.