i just noticed that my waning was to 30% but i dont remeber getting waned. seen that iv been gone for a few mouths why is it not gone down?

The real question is why you’re able to post… I coulda sworn you were banned…?

He’s banned at the SCU that’s for sure.

…spellplz? kthx…

…i thought u were talking about the moon…

Lol! Waning… They don’t lower warning levels any more. I’ve been at 20% for A YEAR!

QQ more >_>;

I thought he was talking about the project waning or something…

Everyone get WARNINGS sometimes but it take a while for it to go down i think, not sure.

The Mods have to manually take it down.

Warnings don’t just go down over time, they go down when the mods feel that they’ve learned their lesson. How would we know that if he’s been gone for a few months?

True, Sometimes member are just stick with the warnings for a long time maybe over a year, they need to show that they improved on there forum skills and will not break a rule again.

(I need to make me a custom advatar soon)