VurtualRuler98's fangames

OLD Ultra Mario Bros beta

Story not released yet
1 player
Mario platformer
Shift is L,a is A,s is B,F1 is pause(It shows the info window which holds the credits, and I will have a new pause putton soon.),arrows is Dpad.


NEStroid project not yet started
I will only have the help of my best friend. His screen name is going to be “The Red Bowser” because of him being a mario fanatic and he likes bowser and red.He sn’t gonna join this forum likley.

no download avialable

Metroid Engine
OLD, Walljump feature. Arrows and A.


NEW:Zelda game:
Contols are in a text file, and there is the beginning pieces of my title menu, just hit A.
DownloadUses basic zelda engine.

please tell me which game you are commenting on when you comment on one.

Your posting etiquette is insanely horrible. I’m pretty sure no one will d/l a game made by someone who tells you to “figure out the controls yourself” or says “I’m too lazy to turn off caps”

Uh, yeah, most of us have school during the day and extracurricular activities afterwards… So most of us are just seeing this now. Yelling at us for not being here within a few hours of the post isn’t going to attract us when we actually get here.

Anyway, the Mario game is hard to control (which is a big problem when the game is based on one-to-two-hit kills), and I don’t really know what that Metroid one is supposed to be. You can’t even get past a certain point anyway since you can’t jump high enough to match the level design.

Funny you should be too lazy to turn off caps. I’m too lazy to try the games of someone who obviously has no patience and puts no care into their things because he’s evidently very lazy.

Hm, let me reword that in a way you might understand.


Lol. The burn.

Anyway, I wont try them because i dont feel like it. I dont just play ANY fangame. And

This give me all the more reason not to try them.

why did you use squares instead of just sprites?

sprites is easier, if you are mask testing, create a seperate following object.

this is kinda similar to the tutorial 2d platformer, only it is much better.

THe engine is in the very early stages. I had it show the mask for the sprite, because what I need to do will take hours to put in sprites.

I was a little stressed from 2hrs of sleep total, I’ll edit the yelling out.
The metroid controls are arrows and A. You can walljump too.

The mario game used martin pyick’s platform engine heavily edited. There is a was to get passed 3-1 without beating it involving the 2nd castle.

I am about to update the Mario game and I would inform everyone that NEStroid has been started. It will be like the original metroid but with recolored samus to match the real suit colors and will have a new planet and story.

what is the nestroid thing the explanation was not clear at all.

A NES metroid like game, I don’t wanna spoil it!

then maybe i shouldn’t play it

Do youu think nintendo reveals everything about thier games when the games are in early deveopment,no. There isn’t reallyu to say about it right now anyway.

so what am i supposed to do with the samus engine…its a stand alone,…so you know…that generaly makes a problem…change it to a gml file…

Ita an engine demo, when the engine is finished, I will host a GM6 file too, just be patient. I got ALOT of other things to do, most game related though.

I’d like to inform everyone that the topic is alive again, I posted a new game demo,
and I have more to be posted. I when I can I will post all of them!

Quoted For Truth

You try making a load of games getting a two hours of sleep.
But this one I had someone test, It’s good, try it.
is talking about new game

…Excuse me? A load of games? First off, you don’t make “Loads of games” unless you expect them to be worthless and terrible. Second, don’t [b]EVEN [/b]try and blame the quality of your “games” on having only two hours of sleep. I’ve gone for about a stretch of FIVE DAYS with about 8 hours of sleep TOTAL and still managed to do some decent coding. As for whoever tested your game and told you it was good, they were either being nice or don’t know what “good” means. I was stupid enough to play through programs you posted, though only to validate my argument.

Ultra Mario Brothers
-Name is BLARGH.
-Menu text is hard to read with that background.
-Terrible rampwalking, only Mario can do it, and even so, it’s way too slow.
-jumpy framerate
-koopa shells do not travel up ramps
-AWFUL koopa collision detection. Jumping on top can kill you.
-bad item block collision detection
-overworld and main game graphics DO. NOT. MIX.
-Koopa shell doesn’t always kill enemies it collides with

I can’t get myself to go any farther than the second stage, it’s just terrible.

-Player mask is too wide.
-…What is up with you and using weird view ratios? For Fuck’s sake, just use 4:3 sizes for your views.
-Crouching should not make you unable to move. Walking should make you stand up again.
-Jumping into the side of a wall breaks your jump speed. That should never happen.
-The player’s maximum jump height is about 3.5 blocks. Jump heights should usually be a round number.
-acceleration and deceleration have never, ever worked like that in a 2D metroid game, much less when bipedal.

I don’t know if there was anything past that room in the bottom left, but getting stuck in there only compounded on my frustration.

The Legend of Zelda game couldn’t even run.

Now that we have that out of the way, I’m going to bring something else to your attention. If your signature “GM user since '04” happens to be true, that would mean I have been using it as long as you have. If you look at the difference between our works, I’m sure anyone would notice the huge gap in quality. I’m not going to bring factors such as intelligence into this, since you could very well be an intelligent person in real life, but I’d like to ask what the difference is here. The answer, quite simply, is effort. You obviously put no effort into your work and you have too many projects going at once. Making games may be something you can do just for fun, but if you forget that making games is also an art form, don’t expect positive comments or praise (which you do, by the way). So far, what you’ve done, is like having tried to sell us stick figures scribbled out in dirty crayons, marketing it and pushing it as if it were museum quality. Now here, we may not be paying you money for anything, but by playing these poorly scribbled out games, we wind up having to pay time. Time wasted. If you actually put effort and focus into your projects, they would be much better than the abysmal wastes of hard drive space that you’ve been “working” on.

My message to you is this: Start trying, or stop [u]fucking around[/u] and attempting to sell us lame stick figures like you’re Van fucking Gogh.

The zelda game runs perfectly on other people’s comp.
The other games are REALLY REALLY OLD.
The metroid game can walljump.
I used a basic engine for the mario game for the physics so don’t blame me, I just haven’t deleted the link yet.
NEStroid is going to be put up today.
I’ll run the zelda .exe to check to see if it brokes.

You said you made a ton at once on little sleep. Now you say they’re old. Make up your mind, which bullshit excuse are you sticking with?

Your Mario excuse makes little sense. If you didn’t even make the Mario game’s engine, why bother posting it at all? The engine is most of what makes a game your own. If you’re saying you DID make it but you made it crappy on purpose… um…you know what, I’m not even going to touch the utter banality of that comment.

Edit: Oh, and one more thing. Two hours of sleep is not an excuse. If you can’t work well in those conditions, DON’T FUCKING WORK IN THOSE CONDITIONS. Your games do not have a due date. Work on them when you’re up to working on them.

Of course, if you did that, you wouldn’t have an excuse to suck…