Dialogue, sounds, calls, yells, screams, WHATEVER
put it in!
Sound effects are okay, but we need to hear Samus’ voice a bit more
Even the original SNES Metroid game had Samus screaming when she died :S

No, just, no!
We don’t need voice acting, for one thing, original MP didn’t have it.

Jennifer Hale says ‘hi’.


Samus’s voice actor from the Prime games.

Oh, her.
That is not voice acting, that’s random screams and grunts!
MP3 has voice acting.

And where do those grunts come from? A voice actor.

And either way, read the original post.

Technically, it was only when she was hit.

There was just some kind of weird, staticky, beep, beep, beep, BOOM-like sound when she died.

Hmm, I never liked those noises.
Let’s not have them for the demo?

yay. no voice

Off-topic: The fast reply button breaks the internet…
On-topic, random screams for death, yes, when you get hit…?

If I were a hyper-intelligent being, making an armoured hypersuit, I’d make sure the end-user would be able to feel pain to an extent, but not to the point where it would ‘hurt’ them. Enough to stimulate the body’s fight-or-flight auto-responses, but not enough to make you scream in pain.