anyway… I downloaded ubuntu but I lacked the computer to install it on, that is until I found this handy device. It supports most OS’s. Basically it allows you to run an additional OS in a window on your host OS. Get it here:

I’ve tried it, it works, and it’d be handy if anyone actually needed to test cross-platform software while developing it.

or to try OSes before buying a whole new system :smiley:

It’d be handy if your teacher had you do linux commands to create documentation for your programs and you don’t want to install Linux as a normal OS to type “pydoc -w d:/py26/programs/fml” once a week.

Well… Ubuntu kind of sucks from what I’ve experienced so far… Here’s the main issue:

Ubuntu requires actions that need administrator privileges to have “sudo” before the command, but the GUI doesn’t operate with sudo. Therefore, if you want to install any program or even make a damn folder you have to go to your console and type the sudo mkdir /srcds_1 etc… It’s pretty annoying, so I’m going to try a couple other linux distributions before I give up on linux altogether (debian and fedora).

you can just log in as root

isn’t admin root?

It’s been a while, but I’m reasonably sure there’s a way to get around your problem. You’d have to ask somebody pro though.