Virtual Lan Party


Just think, you can a LAN Party over the internet. Sound dumb? Well, it is very fast and is cheaper than renting a server or trying to make an online room and trying to get everybody to work.

Also you can transfer essential files very quickly. (moded files, etc.)

I believe this system works like a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and it is free.

I have CnC First Decade. I want to play with my friend who I let barrow my DVD so he could play it but he’s not able play online cause he has an invalid online cd-key. We can play a LAN match, but it’s too inconvenient for him to come to me or vice versa. Using Hamachi we can play a LAN match over the VPN that Hamachi creates.

-File Sharing (fast)
-Chat (built in)
-VPN Gaming (it was created especially for this)

It’s good for:
-Everyone with high speed internetz
-especially pirateers

-FAST, very f-ing fast.

So if you want to play an old game like Ages of Empires II that doesn’t have online support anymore or you want to play your mass collection of pirated games >_>;; with people over the internet, this is the answer =D.

Anyone up for StarCraft Team Fortress?

starcraft team fortress?

are you talking about two seperate games or one?