Video Game TV Shows

What video games would you like to see made into TV shows?

Or just talk about them here, like that Kirby show, Mario, Pokemon etc.

Does that count as double posting? I can’t tell…

Anyways, I would like to see a Metroid tv show, or a Zelda one.

No, I waited more than 3 days to double post.

MEGA MAN ALL THE WAY! Classic that is.

Ruby-spears tried it, and failed miserably. I wish they’d make an anime series… I’d love to see the 'ol blue bomber foil Wily’s plans every saturday.

Isn’t there a Megaman show on the Cartoon Network?

That would be the Ruby-spears one I was reffering to. God, that sucked…

I would maybe like to see Paper Mario made into a cartoon.

(I refuse to post in the new copy of this topic titled: If you could make a cartoon out of a video game)

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Fire Emblem needs an anime. Nuff said.

And Sonic needs one that doesn’t get completely butchered in localization.

It would be cool if there was a show like Super Smash bros. and all your favourite Nintendo characters battled it out tournement style kinda like Pokemon.

Anyone remember that Earthworm Jim show?

EDIT: Thanks Jetman123 for not being stuck up and denying it. Your cooperativeness is much appreciated.

Awesome Idea! I’s love a Smash T.V show…


Well, a metroid show would be great, too!

Ok, due to the closing of the previous topic, I’ll repost my idea here:

I’d make one on Commander Keen (hopefully someone here actually knows what this is). Why? Because it would be centered around a 10 year old genius and would have enjoyable humour that adults and children could relate to. It’d kick Jimmy Neutron’s ass! >:P

Edit: Hey, I found this pic on a funny “mockumentary” on Commander Keen by Andrew Kepple (who completely owns it-NO STEALING). It was meant as a movie flyer, but I think it does its job well…

Not everybody likes anime, not to mention that there are precious few enjoyable shows out there, regardless of audience. ( Personally, all I see in anime is oversaturated drama, and all I see in other types of cartoons today isn’t much seeing as how they are canceled just a few episodes in) If it was made properly, this would make a great show to fill that gap.

Does that show have some weird looking Mother Brain dude in it? I think I heard of that show…

Wth? IT DOESN’T EXIST! What are you talking about?!

raises his hand :slight_smile:

I’m a big fan of those games.

There, I knew there was a believer :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a show named something like that with a character named Mother Brain. She is in a human form.

I could’ve sworn that the pic there was familiar…

That picture was custom made by Andrew Kepple less than a year ago. You must be mistaking it for something else.

Lol on the site it has sumthin like that too, in the cameo section…

Yes, I think that was something else… oh well, back to the topic.