VC Super Metroid

I download Super Metroid to my virtual console today and I’ve started noticing that it’s been changed from the original. It seems that all the bosses are easier somehow. Specifically, Phantoon’s attacks have been altered. It doesn’t go to the middle of the ceiling and do the fire whip anymore :confused: I guess they thought they needed to make the games easier for kids or something.

<.< and for some reason OoT has become exceedingly hard in some areas.
I’ve noticed the changes, I haven’t DL’d Super yet but I plan on it. But I may decide otherwise if it’s “easier” because the game was fun ASIS :S

Also WTF at the point on the bottom of the bottles o.0

He does it when you hit him with a Super Missile. You probably just didn’t use any ;o

But I haven’t played the SNES version, so I don’t know if he did it differently or not. Maybe the bosses might just seem easier because you’ve played through it before? :V

Either way it was definitely worth the download for me, having never played it before :>

True, I never did use the Super Missile. Antidote, get it, for it has aged very well. I’m enjoying to more this time through. BTW, Dragoon + grapple + electrode = very satisfying pwnage.

Heh, I ran out of points about a week ago XD, So I have to wait for my next paycheck in order to get anything. Well I have 200 Points but I need 500 if I remember the price right. so I’m 300 shy.

It’s “Draygon”. <_<;

So I forgot to scan him, cut me some slack =P

800 points is what you’re gonna need sorry.

Edit: It’s become almost a love affair <3
I’ve never accurately played the game through, even then it was just a ROM. I guess I’m redeeming myself to a point, but I should have played it through a long time ago. This tops my list of favorite classics.

You can’t scan. The only way to find out how to spell it is in… The instruction manual! And who reads those things? (49.8% of the population, according to the everybody votes channel)

Ocarina harder? Like Masterquest harder? That’d be refreshing (since I’ve never played masterquest, but I’ve been the original like 7 times).

Anyway, I still have only 3 virtual console games. I’ll probably get mario cart, Ocarina, Mario 64 (for the sake of having classics on my Wii), super metroid, LTTP, and F-zero.

I have Donkey Kong Country, Super Metroid, OoT, and Sonic 2.

NO CRAP! It was a joke >_<

I have a masterquest n64 rom :smiley: it ur haxorzorzedled big time (and only runs at 50fps)