Valve's "Portal"

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From Valve …

… Comes something new.

Every few years something is created which completely renovates the way we look at gaming. Valve Software, the creators of Half Life and Half Life 2, Counter Strike, and the all powerfull (yes, I say this with confidence) Source Engine, have something a bit new up their sleeve.

Although the game is set in the Half Life world, and although it has the same feel and look as a Half Life game, it has something that I have never seen before in my life. A Portal Gun. And my god, it is amazing.

It seems, unlike Halo or any other pointless shooter, that this game requires you to use your brain, to actually turn the gears upstairs.

The physics, realism, setting, gravity, sounds … words can not describe.

Just take a quick look.

Portal Trailer

For those of you who have slow connections, here are some screen shots, but let me tell you, these do no justice to how the game looks. The videos are about a thousand times better.

One word does come to mind when thinking how this game is going to be.

Here is another video for your enjoyment.

Actual Gameplay Footage

I mean, honestly! Does this not look insane? Quantum Physics for sure … you can watch youself run around betwean portals!

For those of you who dont know, Valve creates games for PC. Sure, some have been ported to XBox, but frankly, ported games suck. So … this game is for PC.

Tell me what you all think.

Wow…just wow. Needs 2 be on the Wii.

that looks awsome, but it looks like it will be on the 360 or PS3

Um … haha, the only system that has even the capabillity or reliabillity to run this is the PC. Valve would never release a game for a console before creating for the PC.

All their games have been released first on PC, such as Half Life and Counter Strike.

And … heh … dont insult Valve games by saying they would be on the 360 … ug. Just … ug. With a side of ug.

Anyways, it would be awesome on the Wii. Aiming with that thing? But … unfortunately, I highly doubt that it would ever get ported to that system.

It’s the truth though
they ARE gonna be on Xbox 360 and PS3

It’ll come with the half life 2 ultra 1337 pack*
It’ll include:
Half Life 2
Episodes 1&2 :smiley:>
Team Fortress 2

I’m hoping that Half Life 2 owners can get Portal for free though

*not the real name, I just made it up

Pfffffff! Where the fuck did you hear that? Wow.

360 is suck, okay? No more talking about 360 in this topic.

Back on topic, if anybody finds any other videos or interesting bits on this game, go ahead and post it. Please.

Valve interview in a magazine i read,

(sorry if my grammar isn’t too good I’m practising microing)

oh and by the way, Xbox 360 pwns.

Really? Thats interesting. But still, obviously, the game is meant for the PC, and yes, you are correct, it will be going to the 360.

And in my opinion the 360 is crap. In your opinion it pwns. So lets not start an arguement over it because there is no point ^.^

So, I assume you own a 360. Are you going to get this game when it releases?

I don’t own a 360 but yes, regardless I will get on launch, I’ll have one by then

the recall of the 360 pwns too >_>

HL2 pwns 360
Keyboard & Mouse pwns controller

HL will not be as good of the recall60 or ps3

Is evrybody thinking whit portals cuz at the end it say:

Now your thinking whit potals
(this post was NOT nessacery)

im not thinking about portals.

I’m thinking about portals on my comp. I like VALVe. Not their customer support, but their games. Yes there is gonna be a pack for 360, and there is going to be a pack for PC as well. But we established that didn’t we?

You know, you’re the one who started the argument.

And I demand you stop.*

This topic has nothing to do with the 360, and you have no right bashing it randomly, nor telling people “do not talk about that here”.

All it does is make you look like a fanboy idiot. Oh, plus it’s, y’know, against the rules in three ways at once.

* I’m well aware you stopped here, but I’m stopping it now before you move your asinine system bashing to other threads.

That game is awsome.

I love Half-Life! I’ll probably get this at some point after it comes out. :smiley: