V8 vs Diet Coke

Which of these do you prefer

  • V8 vegi juice
  • V8 Splash (Fruit)
  • Diet Coke
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I prefer V8 vegi juice over most soft drinks if I get a choice. This stuff is really good.

I like whisky but I’ll take Coke.

I’m not a health nut, I just like V8

All Diet Coke is good for is making a 9-10 ft fountain of fizzy bubbliness.

Just dump as many mentos in as fast as you can and it’ll spew like an erupting volcano :smiling_imp:

lol mentos make diet coke bubble? never knew that.

anyway, i had some v8 in the fridge the other day and it tasted like crap, but so does diet, but i did diet anyway :slight_smile:

V8 is good, but all coke is acid, diet or not, so i dont drink that shit. Damn, i just finished a pepsi minutes before i types that…NOOOOOOOOOOO!! IM MELTING!!! Anyway, i prefer Sunny D over all that stuff.

[color=blue]Well, I am not much of a health nut but I am aware of it.

On topic: Never tasted V8 but Diet tastes almost the same as coke except it has less sugar, meh Im used to it.[/color]

What a strange comparison: V8 or diet coke.
I would have to say V8 simply because I hate all diet drinks.

I like them both but i like V8 better.

Diet coke because there’s something in it against cancer
I heard that from TV

Umm, no.

Actually, it’s the opposite…kinda. Aspartame, the substitute for sugar in Diet Coke was said to CAUSE cancer, but that was proven wrong a couple months ago.

every time i hear aspartame i shudder… ive had a conversation about that on a game once. ive heard that when ur stomach breaks it down, one of the parts is imbalming fluid… man that is sick.

just a roomer ive heard, so… dont know if its true.

who compares V8 to diet coke??? ive purposely ignored this topic since its creation for that reason alone. :] but i gave in and voted for V8. that stuff rocks! with a little pepper. oddly, i like diet coke better than coke. and pepsi above all! bring on the acids!!!

although i dont drink coke often at all. im not allowed to during most of school, or my coach punishes me! :]

yay… pepsi owns coke… thats y i hate it when the only thing fast food joints have is coke products… COKE MUST DIE :imp:

yes! i like carls jr but i avoid going there when im hungry cause they have coke and not pepsi. :frowning: kill them all? maybe!

we should burn down the corporate offices of coke~! make them suffer for their terrible-ness!~!!



seriously. that reminds me, have you heard Dane Cook talk about how he likes pepsi better than coke? its pretty funny. if you know who he is, hes a commedian. ill try to find a link.