UTA's Art

This is all I really have.

Yeah, thats it. Sorry. It’s based off the size of Rundas’s Sprite (used with permission[kinda])
It’s a crate from MP3C I tried shading, then I learned that Pure Black was bad, so I tuned it up.
What do ya think? I know, it sucks compared to most people, but I tried. Lemme know what you think.

there’s nothing wrong with pure black…the fire emblem sprites prove that on a constant basis

also the sprite you made is pretty good

approving nod

Yeah I know, but I just made it so slight a shade up, that its impossible to tell. Thanks.

I never gave you permission and am very disappointed in you Ashes…


It’s fine, and I think it’s pretty good! Light source is kinda odd, but it is still very nice!

As I pointed out in the 072 thread, that’s not pure black =P Take a closer look and actually compare it to pure black.

It’s not bad, better than I could probably do. Nice dithering, wouldn’t expect that from someone just venturing into spriting.

Honestly, I didn’t expect it to turn out this well from memory only :stuck_out_tongue: I kinda just winged it, and remembered how Zurg talked about dithering, and tried it out. Here lemme show you “my version” of a baby sheegoth. (I had a crappy reference, and this looks like sh*t on a stick :stuck_out_tongue:)

… < that is all I have to say about that. I’m gonna try those plasma processing pipes.

Heh. You seem to have the same problem as me so far XD
Inanimate objects? No problem. But I can’t sprite (or draw) anything that’s actually ALIVE.
'cept robots. 'cuz they’re like a bunch of inanimate objects, only less inanimate.

I think the baby sheegoth is about thrice that big in each direction. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, its a bit small.

just a bit >.>

just a tiny bit…a very tiny bit

aw fuck it thats like i midget baby sheegoth dude, it needs a red mushroom

OK, here’s the first version of the pipe, but it has lighting effects from photo shop. I’m working on one with lighting effects from me and my mouse.

what pipe?

it looks like a square… try shading it more tubular.

Yeah, and Phlake just posted his finished one. :confused: Oh well. Might as well finish it right?

Ok so, massive bump, but I made a photoshoop that looks nice.

Link due to resolution.


How’s it look guys?

The planet is a bit too green and the lens flare kinda gets in the way. Otherwise, it’s good. I say title screen.



Sorry, UTA, I couldn’t resist.


How do you guys do that?

Edit: So, less green, and less lens flare. I can do that. Processing…