USB flash memory drives

Anyone else use USB flash memory drives? I find them incredibly useful because one, you don’t need anything but a USB port to use them, and two, they hold FAR more than a floppy disk. Because I hop back and forth between computers, I need something with all my important stuff on it that I can take with me easily and use on most computers - the USB flash memory drive fills that need completely. I own a 128mb Sony Memory Stick and find it exceedingly useful.

So I ask again… anyone else use these (IMO) wonderful little data storage devices?

For those of you who don’t know, a USB flash memory drive is a tiny device you put into your computer’s USB port and can store data on it. They hold tons more than floppy disks and require nothing but a USB port to use. You can find one at pretty much any electronics store.

I just use my 512 mb MP3 player that has a built in USB 2.0 port. Works the same and is pretty useful (BTW, once the computer crashed but I had all the important stuff on the player :stuck_out_tongue: )

Yeah, but I don’t really listen to much music - what little I do listen to is all stored on my handy Acer laptop. :stuck_out_tongue: USB flash drives are better suited to me.

I love those things. There are quite usefull.

Yeah, they really are great. Pop one in and store a boatload of data. Cart a couple of .exe’s to your other computer. Their primrary application is in business, but they’re very useful to individuals as well. I use mine to cart around (and backup) my various stories, images, and important stuff. That way I can get my stuff everywhere, instead of having to download it from another computer.

Some MP3 Players can store video, images, text, and music. :smiley:

yeah, I’ve got a flash drive. It’s only 128, but still useful. I used it to transfer tons of music from computer to computer (I got a new one, and the burner didn’t work with the old compy)
although the gig ones are kinda a rip off. They cost a crapload…

lol, i got a 128 too, is yours lexar?

I have two 128Mb ones, which I generally use to transfer files back and forth between work/school/friends’ computers. They’re both Memorex brand.

i really dont see the use in one. you can do the same thing with a CD-RW… and instead of 128 or 256 mb it holds 700.

I have an external USB 2.0 harddrive that holds 120Gb. It’s a bit bigger than a flashdrive, but holds way more trash. And it’s faster too.

I prefer using Hotmail to transfer stuff from computer to computer… xD

i have a 64, 128 and a 1 gig one

True, but it’s harder to scratch or smear or break a flash drive. Plus they’re smaller.

i have a lexar really small memory flash drive. i dont really use it that often except for .exe’s or .html’s. actually, there really usefull if you have CodeBreaker (by Pelican). you can easily transfer game saves and codes to your PS2’s USB port.

I have one I use it to carry roms.
good thing got one before my computer got fried.
I had alot of stuff on Harvest Moon Freinds of Mineral Town.
I had just put it on my flash drive a cople of days before my computer got fried

thats pretty lucky. now that i think about it, i should probably back up my important files or put them on the USB. you never know what might happen. but im not really a paranoid/overlycautions person. how much space is yours? i should get a new one.

I love flash drives. I have 4, a 256, 512, 1024, and a 6144. Dont ask.

We aren’t allowed to have games at my school, but me and my friends fire up Unreal Tournament all the time!

The admins really hate us though… one of my friends was recently caught with limewire, but it took them 3 years to catch him, so I’m not worried.

caught with limewire? not good. i stopped using morpheous after it was announced that it was illegal.

yeah, i think you can transfer some emulator games by flash drive to a school compuer. lol. i think you could even PLAY a ZSNES rom off of the flash drive. that would be great. im going to try that. whats the unreal tournament?

My flash drive is 256 megs I don’t even use half of it’s full memory.