Usage conditions/permission for P2D sprites

I’m just wondering if the sprites created for p2d are allowed to be used for other fangames (with all credits where credit is due)? I’m specifically talking about the sprite sheets for Samus found at…spowersheet.gif


Okay, guess I’ll be doing some major re-editing… my apologies then. I had just tracked down the source of the sprites after someone mentioned that they were from P2D… just a suggestion tho, you should add the contact info of the sprite author and perhaps a disclaimer of acceptable use on the actual sprite sheet in case someone finds it from a random search on Google and inadvertently uses it…

They’re not supposed to be findable on that kinda thing anyway. Only authorized members are supposed to have access to the sheet. I don’t get how you found those to begin with >_<

Oh well…

Okay, I’ve done some major re-editing of the sprites. Are the alterations enough to consider this a unique piece of work or is further re-editing required?

Placement of pieces is similar but the artwork was hand edited from rips of Samus from Super Smash Brothers from which each sprite frame of animation was manually assembled.

Also, there’s a game engine I made that goes with this.

Metroid Engine

It’s heavily modified from Foxengine 2.3b, with additional codes and scripts for animation and 8-directional shooting, powerups, and other stuff.

hmmmmn I’ve seen better.

i, for one, like it. it sort of gives a nice 3dish look. i think its enough different that you can use it, but you’ll have to wait for one of the team members to look at it (mainly, daz)

same general setup, but if they weren’t created by the person, its just a setup, which is used in many sprite sheets anyways.

setup = how y arrange them on a picture = who cares?

First off, ew. That shading is absolutely abysmal and pillowed.

Second off, you are not permitted to edit MH’s work without permission. I’m not sure if that’s what you did, but your post implies it may be. Sorry if I’m misreading it but you really weren’t clear at all.

I meant the engine that I made will be re-edited to have the p2d sprites removed and replaced. As for the sprites, all I did was rip some textures out of super smash brothers, clean and shape them up a bit to resemble the pieces in the original sprite sheet, and rotated the pieces so that they matched the angles of placement system in the original sprite sheet.

i dont think it is really his, it just has the same setup, it has been made by a different person, all else is simply format, dont think emulation is the same as using it (after all, the original itself is an emulation to a different degree, though a seperate creation).