Upgrade items

I haven’t seen many sprites for the upgrades themselves. I don’t remember there being upgrade sprites before the sheets were taken down, and I haven’t seen any in the official thread. So I made single sprites for some of the upgrades, using sprites from older games for reference.

How do they look? Does anyone like them? I just made a couple, because if they suck I don’t want to have wasted TOO much time…

Well, those aren’t even sprites. They’re just single-frame, thick-line drawings. Also, we have most of those, and we’re using sprites that look like the Metroid Prime ones. There’s a HUGE difference between what they look like in Metroid Prime and what they look like in Super Metroid.

Oh… ah well, I’ll find some way to help out around here…

…Ick. No offense, just, ick.

Actually, they look like Paper Mario style badges. Good for Paper Mario games with those for either just laughs or for interesting effects.

Grapple Beam Badge
Sounds useful.