UPDATE: Metroid In Residence

this is a long awaited ( or not as some people may think =P) update on me and my friends soon to be metroid parody, after a good long time of writing scipts, we have finally finished the lines for our first episode, we are currently ordering a microphone for the voices and my friend is lookign for an animator he can use to bring our scripts onto the internet in video form :smiley:

anywho, he is currently insisting that he does the animation himself, but although he has made some good ones in the past, i will wait and see how he does, if i feel that we need someone better, im sure somebody on here or another forum would be happy to help us =P

it’s been a long time since we first came up with the idea, and we hope to get our first episode onto the internet in a month or two, keep an eye out for updates on our progress!

That’s nice. Please post in the right section. moves

i dont get it…