UNSC Halcyon-class Battle Cruiser

Halcyons are a roughly forty-year old design. They have one small underpowered MAC, a weak generator, and a low top-speed. The distinguishing trait of the Halcyon is its incredible toughness. Due to a network of honeycombed Titanium-A bracings throughout the frame of the ship, a Halcyon can sustain nearly thrice the damage of any other UNSC Cruiser. There have been reports of Halcyons functioning even with 98% damage to the hull and breaches on all decks.

The Autumn was heavily modified with a prototype reactor system, allowing for nearly 300% power increase for over five minutes without overheat, a new MAC, which, using a special magnetic recovery system, could fire three successive shots with one burst.

Model created with GMAX.

:O_O: i cant even make a cylinder with Gmax…

Click “cylinder”. Go to “perspective” box. Click and hold. Drag. Release click. Move mouse. Click again. :stuck_out_tongue:

I still haven’t learned to texture, unfortunately. :frowning:

well, i guess i CAN make a cylinder but im talking about getting it to work (in the game(Jedi Academy))…its just so hard… ive kinda given up on it, haven’t messed with it in a while.

THE PILLAR OF AUTEUM…did u make that??? :O_O:

no… >_>

your info, though very accurate, needs some help.

halcyon class shipsoriginally didnt have MACs, they were retrofitted in 2550, with the MAC and 6 archer missile pods. the mark 2 fusion engines supply 1/10 the power of modern reactors.

now, the pillar of autumn does have the prototype reactor, which uses a supercooled ion laser thingies to cool it. the more power the crew askes for, the more power they have to cool off the engine. the MAC can fire 3 shots in one charge, but whats really special is the rounds it uses. the round splinters on impact, similar to the ma5b’s shredder rounds(of which arent featured in the game) it has 2 AIs-cortana is there the assist chief on his mission. there is another to handle point defense. the last feature is a secret arsenal of missiles. they cover up the portside shuttle bay for 300 archer missile pods. now none of this is in the game- all of it is from the book, the fall of reach.

Yeah, I know, I read the book dozens of times. The missiles aren’t important, since the reason for its creation is the use in a mod of Starwars: Galactic Battlegrounds, and that game doesn’t allow for multiple weapon systems on a ship.

oh. well, the model you made is very good. just needs to be textured.

Too bad I ne’er learned that particular aspect of 3D modeling. :confused:

Try googling for a tutorial on it?
I need to figure out that particular aspect of 3D modeling myself, so I’ll tell you if I find something.

Oh, I know how, I just don’t think I have an art program adequate enough to create the textures.

Apparently, quite a few people actually do it in paint…

That was a pretty big bump back there >_>

Yes, some do it in Paint, but I know a better way that alot of people do: draw it. I’ve run across many models which use scanned textures, and they look really good. All you need to do is scan it, resize it, and touch it up a bit in Paint. Course, it’s kind of hard with hi-res detail, but it’s a start.

Great. Now I just have to learn how to paint better. :stuck_out_tongue:

Were I to do that, I would have to get ahold of Photoshop; nothing less would do for touching up a texture, most certainly not something as primitive as MSPaint.

MS Paint is good for everything, given that you have the skills to use it. I’ve touched up scanned images plenty of times in Paint.

Hardly. I coudn’t imagine editing images without direct Hue/Saturation/Contrast control for every seperate thing. Plus the Clone Stamp tool is very valuable.

Photoshop is designed for touching up photos and scans–MSPaint is the most basic of tools.

Photoshop is the ultimate graphics-tool. If they could use it to make the Star Wars movies, then it will work for your textures too…

Yup. Unfortunate that it’s more costly than I can afford right now.