Unofficial Official Kingdom Hearts Thread

Just wondering if anyone here is into the amazing RPG Kingdom Hearts. Me personally I love the PS2 game, and the GBA game is alright and I eagerly await Kingdom Hearts 2!

The story of a boy, named Sora, who fights these shaodws named the heartless while travelling to many disney worlds was a pretty neat gimmick that Disney and Square-Enix came up with. The only problem I have is that there wasn’t many Final Fantasy characters (And almost NO Final Fantasy worlds), but it’s alright. The gameplay is very Zeldaish (Hack and slash) with RPG elements (EXP and stat building capabilities). Plus it has Halloween Town! (Can’t resist the Pumpkin King: Jack Skellington!)

I’ve been following the progress of Kingdom Hearts 2 very closely too, and it looks to blow the story wide open, but before I divuldge information on the game, I want to know if there’s any other fans on this board.

I loved Kingdom Hearts, even though I never got past Wonderland and don’t have a PS2! Why couldn’t my older brother just borrow it a bit longer…

kingdom hearts and metroid prime 1: the two best games ever.

Not best games ever but both of them are my favorite games for the system they are on (Metroid Prime is tied with Wind Waker actually). Great games. The GBA one was ok.

Of course, my “best game” opinion can change temporarily if I’m playing a really awesome game alot but eh.

KH2 INFO!(Enough posts got in for me to care ^_^)

The game hasn’t come out yet

The game looks good and a few stuff for those keeping track:



Also, is it me or are they making it seem like Mickey’s the bad guy. I mean, he’s part of the “Organization”.

Also deom what I read Sora seems to have a twin so to speak that is also in the Organization.

To me, seeing Ansem’s name means that Mickey’s on the bad side? Or is that just a ruse. Who is the organization? What is Ansem’s role?

Some characters:

The Castle servents from beauty and the beast

Twilight Town
Destiny Islands
Hollow Bastion
Ancient Greece - Hercules
Fabled Countryside - Beauty & The Beast
Ancient China - Mulan
Agrabah - Aladdin
Disney Castle - NEWLY ADDED
Halloween Town - Nightmare Before Christmas - NEWLY ADDED

More unconfirmed worlds have been released but since they’re uncomfirmed I won’t get into them.

All information taken from

More info from

Mickey and Riku join the Organization(as seen at the end of Riku’s story in Chain of Memories) my guess is as spies. DiZ (man in red) met with Mickey once, which leads to an assumption that he’s Ansem as it said Ansem and Mickey met. Ansem became a Heartless, but regained his body and memories, therefor if he was defeated, he can always come back. He’s a part of Riku (As explained in Riku’s story)

The organizaition can be possibly the ones without hearts, the Nonexistant. As the Enigmatic man in Final Mix said:

Hence there’s a third power: The non existant.

Ansem is too a nonexistant one. He gave his heart to the darkness. Sora is possibly one, because he too lost his heart and it was never really said if he got it back or not. Or possibly BHK is sora’s clone. Hence the light vs Dark clothes.

DiZ is the leader of the Organizaiton. The Enigmatic man is also the man who talks to DiZ in that one shot where everyone assumed DiZ was Ansem because they mentioned Ansem.

Mickey and Riku joined because of a Covert Ops thing, or possibly to learn what the organization learned about the heartless. Blonde Haired Kid, Riku, and Mickey are on Sora’s side.

Anyone who can find that traile will be my new god for a few weeks.

September?! We have to wait until september?!

God September. Darn :angry: Still the GBA game was good in everything except level design. (Oh the Torture) Still I played until it bored me some 3 hours later.

My friend played a demo of II once at Jump Fiesta 2005. You can fuse with Goofy and Donald, which is kind of cool. It uses the Dive meter though, which is odd he said. It takes some getting used to.

I loved the GBA game for one main reason: Riku was playable!

Oh I see what you mean about the GBA game. Still the level design just was a little bit urr… repetitive. :confused: Kingdom Hearts 2 is definately going to be one of the best games on the PS2. P.S. Fusing with goofy and Donold? :confused: Definately Odd.

why are you talking like kh 2 isnt out? its been out for like a year… :>_>:

And the topic is two fucking years old.

I was thinking the same thing… then I looked at the post date and was like oOoOhHhH

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Jeez, Timaster is right…the last post was over two years ago. Pretty funny though. I guess now we could use this topic to discuss KH3? Eh, whatever.

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