Uhhhh what about mac users??

I’ve got a mac and .exe is NOT a compatable format. in other words… i can’t run it :cry:
that stinks you guys did a really good job i looked at the screens and it’s great. but can u make it mac compatable. im doing research and in a while I might be able to re-write the code and make it compatable for macs if you don’t do it in a faster time.

This has been covered a few times…
I also own a macintosh.
They are most likely not working on it for the macintosh. You need to either find a converter, or get something to emulate a windows system on a macintosh. Although I have yet to find a converter myself.

a simpler way would be to get a pc but i doubt you would want to go through all the trouble just to play the game :wink:

yeah your probaly correct. its just a shame that its not for mac it looks awesome :smiley: .
i’m still trying to find the code. im a computer nerd.


I’m done.

CFX said something about a Windows emulator that Macs can run. Might wanna llook into that. I dunno about the legality of it, so don’t link to it yet if you do find one. >_>

Seeing as how I don’t own a Mac, I don’t know about the performance of the Windows

emulator but… anyone can easily find one on a search engine. Also, you might need to

obtain the OS that you want to emulate, which would undoubtedly be illegal (unless you

want to dish out a few hundred for a store bought copy.)

yesh emulators that run windoes cost like alot. ill try to find one (or illegaly download one) lol probably not the idea in the () yeah.

Alright, I’ll say it again, since when I do, no one reads it…

There is an ‘emulater’ so to speak that is made by macintosh called virtual PC. Well, actually, it’s made by microsoft. You need a copy of windows, and it already costs $130. So yeah, it’s a little costy. But it’s the best thing you can get to run windows programs, besides getting a new computer.
edit: I found out that you can get an older one that DOESN’T require an OS disk. It’s still a Virtual PC version, but it’s subname is called softwindows that doesn’t need an os.

hm ill have to google it. thanks ill look it up

meh, just go to mac.com and in the search box, type virtualpc

i got a mac 2. i use VP all the time
its called connectics virtual pc and you have to have a pc rom image to run it.

hey prime…

can you tell me where to get all the stuff? that would be nice.

Search for a PC emulator for MAc…GOOGLE is your friend
:mrgreen:<-I love this thing