Typing/Language Skills

Should people try to type better on the forum?

  • Not only make an attempt, but type better.
  • Yes, they need to try to type better.
  • No, I can understand everyone just fine.
  • No, typing appropriately does not help.
  • Other (state)
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Poor typing + poor wording = no understanding.

I feel like I’m trapped in a box of newbies when I go through this board’s topics. A lot of people do type correctly for the most part, but all the poor typists confuse me and make me feel stupid and annoyed. What about you?

Seeing as we have rules against typing like an idiot here, I’d say our opinion is pretty clear. <.<

Um, I try to type good, do I? :sweat:
I know some n00bs who do type bad, but be thankfull even the n00bs aren’t as bad as the Forum Nintendo ones. But ya, make an effort at least. I mean, if you’re not even enlish, or in like grade 4, just say so, nobody will flame you for being yoiunger or foreign. :smiley:

Foreign is one thing. Lazy is another.

Exactly, but maybe I typed it wrong (lol), but I meant that if you have a good reason for your lack of typing skill, then don’t post, if you’re foreign or whatever, then nobody should have a problem with it, and just not be a baby about it. But of course, if they’re clearly being lazy, I would complain too.

OMG LIEK NO!!! wer fine like it is we dont ned tipe battar, the wordls not gona end form 1 mispeled wurd s ostfu jo0 nobbs!!!11111!!11!1!!11!!11! u al suk @ evrythig!!!

(Sorry, I had to do that. Yeah, it’s REALLY hard to understand what people are trying to say when they type like that. You have to unscramble the typos, figure out what the shortcuts and misspelled words mean, translate the 13375P34|<, it burns your eyes out when you look at it, you always feel as if your IQ has been lowered, etc. Plus, I tend to judge you by how well you type. If you say “i FOWND A PIKSHUR OF SAUMUS FRUM TEH NOO METRIOD GAEM ANDI T RELLY COOL U NEED 2 C!!!”, you appear to me as an immature, screaming 4-year-old who shouldn’t be on websites like this. Meanwhile, if you say “This is a screenshot from Metroid Prime 3. Sweet, eh?”, you appear much more mature and intelligent. This may not be true at all, but all people can judge you by on the internet are your posting habits, and when you post like a retarded monkey, people think of you as a retarded monkey)

Edit: Wow, looking at my post is burning my eyes out, even when only 15% of it is retarded-monkey-speak. I guess that proves my point further.


I tend to judge people’s words by how well they type. Because if you can’t spend the extra minute it might take to proofread and fix your post before you send it, then it’s obviously not worth reading, is it?

Shorthand is the same for me. TWO MORE FREAKING KEYS. It’s not going to kill you! I can understand it for long words and such, but shortening Y-O-U to U?! If your typing skills are so bad that you can’t bear to type out a full word, or can’t spare the TIME to type out that word, then I don’t want to hear it.

If you want me to take your opinion seriously, then you need to show that you care about what you say - because if you don’t bother to fix up your posts or at least freaking type better, we all know that you haven’t put much thought into this.

Think about it. Would you write what these people are saying on an english paper? On an important note handed to a boss? No, you would think carefully about what you say. You goddamn well wouldn’t use shorthand.

If you aren’t willing to put in that kind of effort in your discussion with me, then all I know is that you must not value the conversation very well. And I’m not likely to take you seriously then, either?

A misspelled word is fine, and I don’t mind if someone has poor grammar or overall a lot of minor spelling mistakes - after all, there might be extenuating circusmstances and who am I to read things into these guys? But when I see you not even giving an effort to type properly, then I get annoyed.

And again, foreign people are an exception here - after all, how well can you speak a foreign language? Just look at Knuckle. He’s Brazillian, and has an excellent grasp of english for it being his second language - it could be much worse, but you can understand him very well once you get used to his slightly bad grammar and spelling. This is fine with me and everyone else, because you can obviously see that Knuckle is trying hard to make his posts good and comprehendible.

But when someone doesn’t even try… ergh. You get the picture.