Two years

As of today, that’s how long I’ve been here. This place is like my second home. If my family died, I would just live here and hang out with Samus and her head up there. I remember when I first heard about P2D, and because I was a stupid fucking kid (just like all kids) I thought “ZOMG TAT IS SO AWSUM!!!1!!!eleven!!1!1”. Because it was. I bookmarked the page that had the demo on it and checked it every now and then. After a while, I can’t remember what it said, but there were no more new demos. And it had a link to the forums (not SCU, but this site). I kept checking that site and, after a month or two, followed that link.

Then I made this account and my first post in the “Hi, I’m New” topic. I started helping out a bit with the Artifacts of the Month, now I thought “Holy shit, now I’m actually in some way a part of this thing”. Imagine if you went over to some Valve forum and they hired you. That’s to a much higher degree of course, but you get the idea. Something I had been following and waiting for for a long time was now something I was helping to work on.

And now I’m an Omega Pirate.

So happy 2nd anniversary to me, and that Borderlands offer still stands, if anyone (ahem, Zurg) is interested.

I honestly forget how long I’ve been here. I know that my old account was when this game was still in infancy (which it kinda still is) and he was not very active. Flash forward to this account, and I became more active and got my own title, A screaming riot.

This place is home to lots of memories, and over a thousand posts. I’m sure some of them have relevancy. I hope that we all stick together despite our petty disagreements. :smiley:

I love you guys :slight_smile:

I’ve been here 4 yrs beeotch!


I lurked for about a year, got banned for some stupid thing my friend did, got started on AOTM, became a hard core team member, got banned, came back, became a mod, and then got demoted.

All in about 3 years.
Fun stuff. :laughing:

I just realized I’ve been here for almost 5 years. Which is spot on, because I started visiting the site in the 8th grade. Man, I was stupid back then.

I feel the same way, Phlakes. This place has been a second home to me as well. And it’s a great feeling to have, knowing that there’s another group of people out there besides my friends and family who have my back. :smiley:

Pointless post to check how long I’ve been here so I can edit this post and actually contribute to the topic.

Edit: Huh. I guess I’ve been here for five years, with very little consequence to the forum, game, or community.
Five years of randomly posting pointless unhelpful shit.

Also, yeah, I was stupid back then, too. But I -thought- I was freakin’ hilarious.
The fact that I still think I’m freakin’ hilarious makes me wonder if I’m still equally stupid to my past-self, but in a way I can’t yet recognize. And I wonder if I’ll look back in the future to things I’m currently posting in the present and say “Wow, I was stupid back then.”
It ALSO makes me wonder if I’ll look back at the even older posts and go “Huh, that’s much more like what I act like now,” discovering some sort of cyclic personality shifting, buuuut that would mean I’ve regressed to before I was capable of rational thought/logical arguments/maturity, which would kinda suck.

tl;dr: yep.



also I am old

Yeah… Just taking a look at my older posts i feel the same way xD

One year of acting lika a 10-year old followed by four years of lurking puts me at a post/day ratio of 0.23.

Scary shit, mate.

Yeah, I forgot how long I’ve been here. All I know is that i got banned for no reason by a mutual friend of ours.

Also good news, I escaped the island. (I fixed our plane and flew it to L.A.)

Zurg and PY I think all to take from this, is that 072 is am arsewhole

Love u guys

this seems like its a goodbye from all of u guys… :cry:

But p2d will never die out completely. :slight_smile:

Yep. You guys are stuck with me for a very long time.

I think that this group will endure for at least another 5 years, regardless of how the basically dead project goes the group will endure, I think that over the past 5-2 years each of us has spent here we’ve built bonds of kinship that in some capacity go beyond simply being the small community of a dead fan project. We are all friends in a bizarre sense of the word.

even with how little i post now, i still come here every day