Two questions that have been bugging me...

First question: is there any real difference betweeen a regular metroid and a Talon metroid?

Second question: Everyone knows that metroids molt their shells and change their form and in Metroid Prime they change into Hunter metroids but what do the Hunter metroids change into?

Tallon Metroids are red.

I believe the Hunter Metroids are just mutated Metroids so they would probably evolve into a mutated Hunter Alpha Metroid.

ok thanks for clearing that up…

talon metroids are red?? i thought that they were just diferently shaped from normal metroids, i didnt see a colour change.

The ones in Metroid Prime are green because the Space Pirates imported them from Zebes… In Metroid Prime 2 Echoes, however, they are red because those “Tallon Metroids” were born on Tallon IV.

so hunter metroids are red because tallon metroids are, right?

Tallon Metroids of Echoes were tortured and experimented on. That’s why they’re red. Hunter Metroids are just mutated tallon’s, probably from the meteor.

Lol…So many variations of Metroids…coolness…I don’t know what to tell ya…:smiley:

Metroid072 why do you love TEEN TITANS so much, lol, but back on topic. I think your right Metroid072

Your probably right Metroid071. I’ve wondered about hunter metroids color but I wasn’t bugged about it too much.

I don’t love Teen Titans that much. >_> Darth Nat and I had a topic in the team member board on it, and I thought it would be suiting to have a TT sig. I’ll have a new one in a matter of days though. :wink:

are u people this upset about the color of a metroid to make a thread about it? does it really matter what color they are? the point is all of em look cool and are as annoying as hell.

No were not bugged by the the way it is, were just wondering why its the way it is.

k.? Got that?

Upset? What? Emperor Ing just wanted to know what the difference between the Metroid’s were. Thats all. I’m guessing that he was just curious.

Frankly, you have no business saying that. :whack: