Twilight Princess

We all SHOULD know that this game has been pushed and shoved all over the calander and now sep. 1st who thinks it will be pushed [COLOR=red]

even furthur :cry:

Considering this is the first time it was delayed… I’m guessing not again.

And it really does not look appealing enough to be good (not just the graphics), unless they turn out to make it really awesome. Not like it will be as good as Majoras Mask anyway…

Again, I don’t understand why everyone complains about Twilight Princess being “pushed back over and over again”. It was only pushed back until “sometime in 2006”. Some people are guessing it will come shortly before the Wii’s release, but that’s only speculation. For all we know it could come out tomorrow, though I would expect Nintendo to at least give us a warning at least one month prior to the release. I expect they’ll at least mention Twilight Princess at E3 in a few days, if not finally tell us what day of this entire year they plan to release it.

Edit: …Unless this September 1 thing is official, in which you failed to provide a link <.< But I think it’s just another rumor spreading around.

Your name is too ironic. :laughing:

On-Topic: There is NO way they can push the game to over a month two after Wii’s release. It’s definitely coming this year. :slight_smile:

It is in fact being released at the same time as Wii. But I’m confused is it for Wii or Gamecube or can you play it on Wii with the gamecube disk and use the features for fishing and shooting arrows.

There are two seperate versions: one for Wii, and one for GCN.
Pretty swizzlin’

The Wii version looks to be really

really cool.

Just a reminder whistle

I pre-ordered a copy, but I did so before they decided to make two versions, so… which one will I get? Which one should I get.

If you pre-ordered the Gamecube one, you would get the Gamecube one… wtf are you talking about?

yeah. i think the wii(what piece of crap name) can play gc games…

I preordered it before they split it into two versions.

I say play the GC version. If you love it enough, get the REVOLUTION version <_< Or…just get the second version and forget about the GC version.

(Oh no I used the wrong name)

I been thinking, and I’ll probably get the GC version but play it on my Wii using the ol’ controller, but I might change my mind… again.

If you ever do get the Wii version, don’t ever tell me how great it is.


Okay, but if you originally pre-ordered the GAMECUBE one, then you would get the GAMECUBE one. The people who you pre-ordered the game from wouldn’t assume that you had a Wii. They’ll stick with the one that you originally pre-ordered.

Not to mention, the prices could be different.


i think the prices are lame btw

does anyone know when it comes out?

Well, I’m pretty sure that the Gamecube’s version comes out near the third quarter of 2006. But, I’m not sure when the one for the Wii is.

According to Nintendo in their E3 press conference, they’re launching at the same time, and on the same date the Wii launches. Awesome.

ok. it sounds like a good game. i might get it…

Too bad it was wrong. I got it for christmas and it came out like a week before that. oh well. All I can say is…