Why doesn’t our art forum have one of these?

Well, anyway, here is where you can post all your art-related tutorials, or make requests. Any kind of tutorial works. (General Drawing, Spriting, Graphics, How to draw “___”)

This is my entire process for comic-book style drawing, from pencils to color in tutorial form, for anyone who wants to know:

Requires Adobe Photoshop for the coloring

Thank you. I’ve been trying to figure out how to CG color in Photoshop for the longest time but nothing was really working, often due to using procedures I don’t understand in the least–but I already know how to do all of that, and just never thought to put it all together like so :3

Might wanna work on your poses a bit though. Cyke really seems to have sprained his ankle badly there, and his left arm bends in impossible ways… >_>

Most people I know replace the burn and dodge with soft edged brushing, but I think you can get a better effect this way.

I agree about the arm, it looks like it’s sticking out in front of him. :stuck_out_tongue:

why the gradients? ;-;

I love you.

No, seriously.

I’ve never tried to do art like that before because I didn’t know how. (Then again, I suck at lineart, so I probably still shouldn’t try. :stuck_out_tongue:)

If you never try, you never get better. =P

Since I hate drawing realistic people anyway, I tried adopting that shading style to a chibi.


And yes, I know the face is insanely creepy. It’s just a placeholder. >_>

I shade hair a lot differently. I’ll have to a tut’ on that.

Anyway, the body is mostly good, but you have to use the dodge tool on lower exposure, like 15. Blend it in slowly with smaller brushes.

Sorry about the crappy quality.

I did do it on about 15. Maybe I had too heavy of a gradient…

Alright, here’s my hair tutorial:

ooh looks nice. im beginning to think gradients arent bad all the time…?

Since my last problem was largely the lineart, I thought I’d try CGing one of RP’s sketches.


Here’s what I’ve got so far…

You have to know how to use them, really.

Daz - Pretty awesome so far. :smiley:

Tileset tutorial for your convenience! This will ensure the most versatile tileset possible (whether you are making a square or other shaped tileset).

I originally made this to help with my hex tileset, but it works well with all shapes that tessellate regularly without a rotation. Note this is why the triangle in the tutorial needs to have a flip side to fill in all gaps.

Um…This is great :smiley: …except I don’t got photoshop :frowning: …I got G.I.M.P. Will it work for that? If not can I get a tutorial plz?

Well… since it’s pinned, I guess It’s ok to bump…
Anyways, I’m gonna need alot of help, as you will see by my by my first question:
How do I draw a strait line? :blush: (without just having perfect mouse movement)
And how do I make transparencies?

This refers to Photoshop CS2, by the way. Thanks :smiley:

If you don’t have the line tool icon among your tools, press Shift+U a few times until it appears.

Transparency can be done in a lot of ways, most commonly by editing the opacity in the layers window.

Sweet!! Thanks a ton.