Troid92's Sprite Thread

Watch this thing as it falls into the depths of the Graphics Board within a week.

Anyway, I’ve made about 3 real sprites on this computer, along with a wide variety of Commander Keen edits and a few other things on my older computer. Here are the three:

Just made this today. Which is the main reason I’m posting this topic.
The differences between colors is too noticeable. Should/could this be fixed with dithering? And should there be more contrast?

This I made a while ago. Worse than I remember.

This is an edit of ZM Samus obviously. The proportions are a little wacky.


watches the gravity slowly begin sucking this thing down the page

There’s hardly any noticable shading on the Windwaker sprite, maybe because you were going for a cel-shaded look, I have no idea.

I don’t know why, but to me your Samus sprite looks like an action figure. And, there’s something really messed up about the legs that I can’t quite put my finger on…

You mean the fact that they’re completely straight on one side? :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, Link doesn’t have much shading, and in the places he does, there’s hardly any contrast. I won’t be editing those two. I just posted them here since they were on this computer.

Link looks pretty cool.

Yes it can. I’m 100% sure.

Damn. I see how it could be fixed with dithering, but my spheres never looked that good.

Notice a few things:
It is perfectly round.
The darkest color goes about 1/3 of the way around it.
The lightest color is a small crescent (neither a circle nor an oval!), aimed toward the light source.
The shades in between slowly change from convex to concave as they get closer to the lightest color.

That’s about all you need to know to make a good sphere.

Edit: And yes, I got the idea from a tutorial on a site posted somewhere around here. Looking at pictures of a step-by-step guide to making shiney spheres with a light source really helps.

That’s really good! :smiley:>
Are you going to practise some more dithering?

Of course. I’ll probably sprite a few more things this week. Spriting is more fun than I thought. And I’m guessing the sprites will include dithering.

Edit: Removed the sarcasm from the title.

That Samus somehow reminds me of the DOOM 2 Renevant enemy. Pic below:

The shape reminds me of it, the way the chest piece just curves up instead of staying flat or curving down into a point. It’s a good start though.

You could try to make an image for the NES challange I posted. 25 colors on 256x224px is a good way to practise dithering. And AA.

Dude, you dont just post your sprites in someone else’s thread. I thought you were smart, dude. Srry, J/K, couldnt resist the punnyness. Anyhow, it’s a nice sphere.

dude…its just a ball…anyhow, seeing as how people must take it seriously, its gone…theres no way in hell im making a topic for it though, lol.

I made my topic about a ball. <_<

Well, mostly. Just draw a stick figure to go with it if you must.

i tried, he looked to skinny… :cry:

ill start some sprites, i think ill throw in a metroid one, and just make my own sprite topic…as said…i will never make a topic about ball(s)…

um…just a question, on your ball (refrence to the shape, such as a beach ball, and not the human anatomy…yeah…i saw that coming… :sunglasses: ) how did you make your shape for the inner circle of light (original light source, not direct light, but the lighter part of ball that was nearly half)

I made that shape by sticking a white curved oval dot on the “corner”, then making the darker shades wrap around it that point.

everyone can sprite but me…


I love my Hylian shield.
The shading on Link’s right leg (our left) never looks good no matter what I do.
Are there any special techniques for making the sword look shiny?
I still need to work on the hair and add more detail to all the plain brown stuff.
Do the wrinkles in the clothing look alright? They took me forever.
Any other comments or suggestions?

The shield design is good, but the angle just looks weird.

The coloring on the tunic is quite subpar in my opinion.

His face looks like it’s at a bit of an odd angle…

And his… um… second belt thing… I don’t know what they’re called. The thing over his shoulder. That just looks awkwardly placed.

Also, he needs a neck. As it is, his head appears to be coming out of his right shoulder.