Tribute to Bungie's WIP, HALO 3

As many of you likely have heard, Bungie recently announced their next project, Halo 3. From what we can see in the two minute trailer they released, they are well on their way graphically, and the rest is soon to come. As I love Bungie as a company and provider of entertainment, I decided to dedicate a day or so of my time and artistic skills to them, and this is the result. Enjoy. :slight_smile:

Y’know, “one graphics topic per person” is a fairly easy to understand rule.

Mmhmm. I’m not spamming; there’s only one topic of mine visible on the first page, and it’s for something COMPLETELY unrelated to this.

While I’m here, update:

his mouth-piece looks like a beak >_<

Not exactly. One topic per …er… topic. One sprite topic, one art topic, etc.

I don’t THINK this guy had an art topic already…

thats really a sprite topic tim… but there was a drawing topic already. this should probubly be locked then.

It’s kinda both.
It’s art and sprites for a specific topic.

its sweet! i like it.