My jaw literally dropped. I can’t wait >_<

I’ve got the vid on my iPod. I’ve watched it SOOOO many times. Looks incredible.

Crysis looks better.


Ok, fine. But the special effects in Crysis ARE better.

Zurg. No. Shut your mouth now


but i seriously cant wait for this

yes. SM, what the hell does qtf mean thatsa like the 23,417th time I’ve seen it today

quoted for truth

thank you so much! @_@
yeah, I dont think I can wait til June



well yeah, that works.


I should sprite that big wheel thing >_>
no, I’d never get all those details together :confused:

Eh…looks good.

I agree with Zurg.
…Don’t hurt me.

I hope the producer can actually choose a target audience this time…

That’s what bugged me about the first movie, it started serious and deep, then moved to this spoiled kid’s life, then the tween humor, then back to death serious with a taste of wonderful humor…
It could not choose it’s target audience, tweens, young adults, or die hard fans…

Also, I fell asleep at the non-stop action point towards the end.

The trailer is way serious, I mean… dark and serious, and sexy.

ive only one word for all of this…


The amount of truth in this post is unparalleled. I agree with you 100%. Except for the whole, you know, falling asleep thing. I managed to watch that entire sequence. I fell asleep after that, when Linkin Park started playing lol.

Linkin Park owns all. btw Swan, I will hurt you >_>
Infinity, I understand you. I agree and disagree. I enjoyed the multiple audience thing, gives it more variety imo

plus then you have no idea whats gunna happen next

I love you, Rundas. You’re funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

Necessary mega bump.
I…I saw it. I really did. Wow. That movie was the sickest movie I’ve ever seen ever ever ever.

do you mean sick as in awesome or…because the critics are all saying it sucks…granted I think movie critics are retarded so…

Sick as in so amazing. Yeah Fuck critics they say the first one was better no not by a fucking mile my cousin just watched the first one with me the other day for the first time and then he wanted to see the second and we went together and it was just so awesome. He agreed it was one of the best movies he’s ever seen.