Who’s your favorite transformer

  • bumblebee-Yellow camaro
  • Optimus prime-we all know who prime is
  • Ironhide-black GMC
  • Ratchet-Rescue hummer
  • Jazz-Pontiac
  • Megatron-Cybertron jet thingy
  • Starscream-jet (F-22?)
  • Blackout-Helicopter
  • Frenzy-stereo
  • Scorponok-scorpion
  • Barricade-police car
  • Devastator-tank
  • Bonecrusher-weird work thing
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Who’s seen it? I found it to be one of the MOST enjoyable movies EVER. Regardless of the lack of story and character elements, it’s a hell of alot of fun, just because. The effect’s are GODLY, and the animations are almost beleivable. I must say they did a very good job, though they did dissapoint me occasionally.

Who’s seen it? Who’s your fave?

I say Jazz, just cause I couldn’t make up my mind, and because he died. I felt sorry :frowning: Kick-ass movie though :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw it. It was REALLY good. Nearly perfect. I loved the blend of humor and action, like the credit card scene, XD.

Seriously, I’d say the only reason it got meh reviews is that the plot isn’t the best. But, come on, it’s Transformers. It’d be upsetting to the fans if they messed with the plot too much, and it’s not like it’s that bad to begin with. Everything else is amazing.

I voted Bumblebee.

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gj spoilers

I really must agree. It’s probably my favorite movie of all time. I mean, even if you DO criticize the story (which didn’t bother me), or character development, it’s still TONS of fun just to watch because it’s just perfect. They blended humor and action VERY well, as well as still keeping it serious realistically.

I voted barricade for fave. I’d vote starscream for badassness, but he didn’t have enough dialouge, and didn’t fight enough. Not to mention that barricade is just badass.

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You really can’t argue with that. Megatron wasn’t to bad either. Jazz was my fave autobot, but they didn’t have to kill him JUST because he was the black guy . I mean honestly, he was a fuckin pontiac.

I see I’m the only Blackout supporter. Pssh, you ALL know Blackout could shave your puny asses with his helicopter-propeller-sword thing.

That movie was amazing. It cracks me up that all of the reviewers are giving it a hard time because it’s not intellectually enriching enough to appeal to their high standards. Way to miss the entire fucking point of the movie.

Barricade would interrogate blackout to death.

And damn right, critics DEFINETLY missed the WHOLE point. The movie didn’t HAVE to be intellectual at all, and probably for the better.

Steven made it, lol so its to be expected that the special/visual effects are gonna be kick ass.

I vote bumblebee. First of all, uh, sweet ass car. And of course he is going to get all the votes, he is the main character’s protector. Although it ends up being prime who protects him most of the time lol. But yeah If my car did that id probably sh*t my pants. Then id take all my lunch money back form the bullies in fourth grade :smiley:.

My favorite part is when the one autobot “Lubricates” the detective. XD


That movie had so many great parts to it though. I find it hard to choose my favorite scenes.

Blackout kicks all ass.

However I do favor Bonecrusher as well, busting through the bus and such.

I like them all but those two were my favorites. Normally I would say Starscream was the best but, they didn’t give him much of a part in this movie (other than tearing apart the other F-22’s), but I can’t wait for the next two movies. You guys know that they are signed to make a trilogy, right? I am willing to bet Starscream will be the main Decepticon in the second one.

Frenzy FTW :slight_smile:

the scene with megatron ripping Jazz in half was funny, cliche and sad all at the same time

I was SOOOO fucking pissed when they killed Jazz.


I heard about the whole Trilogy thing, and I’m glad. 3 decepticons survived.


Barricade, Scorponok, and Starscream

Anyway, I gotta give frenzy props, even though he’s my second least favorite decepticon. He was funny, but I just can’t stand his whole…image.

Oh. I thought only Starscream survived.

Oh yeah- Ironhide is my second favorite to blackout. I’m surprised more people didn’t vote for him - he had the coolest moves of the lot.

Theres going to be a second Transformers movie out sometime in the future and I think the ones killed will be back.

The best TF was the Mountain Dew vending machine bot. You can NOT deny that unless you’re an alien, a robot, or Irish.


Anyway. >_>

Hell of a movie. <3 Starscream’s attack on those fighters. And Blackout was badass.

Also, the DS (Dec.) game is quite fun. GTA with giant robots? Yesplz.

Heh. While I was in Chicago last week, I found myself going down quite a few trucking routes, and so we were trying to hunt for and point out Peterbilts (the kind of truck Prime turned into in the movie) to pass the time while driving. >_>;;

Guys there are no spoiler tags so please stop making this shit: [/spoiler].
And yeah I agree, the best move I’ve seen in a good while :smiley: , definitively must buy the dvd when it comes out. Didn’t know about the bad reviews though. But what the fuck, they only rate 5 nonsense shit movies like Babel, put a fiction comic-based (or manga or tv show or whatever) movie in theatres and they all go crying (not saying marvel movies are good, they all suck, except for spiderman3).

My favourites in this order:


I had completely forgot about Scorponok. But I know starscream will be the main bad guy in the next movie because in the end of the movie there were small clips, and one of them showed him flying off to space.

I don’t quite remember what happened to barricade, when was the last time he appeared? just remember when bumblebee rape him a little early in the movie. (when frenzy got his head kicked).

Also lol at the mountainn dew too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it bothered me the cellphone when transformed started throwing bullets, some sort of elecrticity would be more belieavable, as well as the mountain dew bullets just being soda cans, would have been cooler. Makes me wonder what would happen with other machinery (imagine a wii transformer… or a satellite).

Anyone else get major Molgera/Lanmola vibes from the Skorponok scenes? >_>;

I was really disappointed in that in the end though. I remember thinking “that would be such a cool fight in the game”, then he didn’t even show up in it. ;_;

They should have put him in the game :angry: but they may in the second game, I don’t know when it is going to come out.

The second movie may have megatron’s under water base or the mountain base like they had in the cartoon series.

Wait, so the DS game was good?

I heard the Wii game was bad.

They all got shit reviews from critics but the DS one, and while it still didn’t get that high, the fans tend to rate it higher (Dec. especially, because the Aut. one is really just a generic 3d brawler with giant robots as you don’t want to cause carnage to the public, whereas the Dec. one is more like GTA with destruction goals and a Wanted meter for the police and such).

It’s hardly “omg best game ever” but I’d say it’s worth a play if you can find it for relatively cheap. A bit short, but quite engrossing, and the bonus missions and vehicle scan searches add a lot of replay.