Towel Day!

Wear towels!



thats all i have to say.

oh, and what day is it?

May 25

really? is this a real celibration/holiday?

See troid’s sig for details >_>

Or google it.

Those books are really insane. Insane in a good way. :smiley:>

Oh man, today was terrible. Yes, I did actually wear a towel with me all day. In a middle school. What a poor choice -__- … “LOL TWOEL DAY FUR RETARDS!!!1!1!!1” “DUDE UR SUCH A QUEER!!!11” “WTF loL Y R U WEARING TOEWL!!!1!1?1!?” … Middle-schoolers are so weird.

Only one other person in the whole school brought a towel, and he gave up halfway through the day. At least he managed to get a free pencil out of a teacher, whether it was the psychological reason or not.

I feel like Marvin at the moment.

People were asking me all day, too, so I just yelled at them for being fags and not celebrating Douglas Adams.

4 people had towels, not counting those who forgot, but wanted to.

Who is Douglas Adams?