I just got Super Metroid today and I can’t beat the Torizo when you get the bombs, what’s the best strategy? I used the one where you shoot, jump over him, repeat, but… I didn’t have much luck.

rapid fire missiles into belly, shoot his shots for ammo, rapid fire belly rest of time. pwned.

Goodies come out of his shots? Thanks!

If you think the first ones hard just wait till later :neutral_face:

It freaking hard i heard cause i never played Super Metroid.

then you have been deprived of so much. check out this for help.

I seen in a speed run that you can run into the Torizo while shooting him, that’ll push him into a wall a paralyze him for a little while. If that helps, never tried it though :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the speedrun; it’s at around the 25% mark

Wow thanks guys. All your help is much appreciated.
On a different note though, the forums have sure been active as of late.