Funny. You’re really good!

Those are some good drawings! :smiley:

Are you good at sprites too? If you are can you show some off?

Those Sonic pics are pretty good, and the monster reminds of Atlas, only he’s holding a large flaming ball of doom. Great work, keep it up!

:O_O: good lord… I want those space ship sprites…
except, of course, that would mean the REST of the sprites in the game would need to be the same quality and style, which… well, I’d be screwed.

HOLY SHIT!~ That’s f*cking amazing.

Are you going to detail the hood?

Please don’t multipost without at least 3-5 days passing. Just edit, if you require a bump PM me and I can do it for you. Or copy, delete, repost. I’d fix it myself for now, but I’m too lazy to. I might later. <_< Or leave it for another mod…

he wont do it… :unamused:

Thats really nice i like your fighters the best .

Very nice, good to see you’re back!

arms and legs are too skinny

Magmar is a Pokemon… :sweat: :sweat: :sweat:

…and you know what a Magmar is… :neutral_face:

This is spam, so sorry for getting off topic. Now then:
It’s kind of creepy, but I think you got that cartoony look down good. Funny how a nerd is super buff. About the HALO sprites, I think you did a good job refurbishing them. The rifle looks very plain, though, but it’s ok.

Hm… That’s not really a running animation, to me. Looks more like a speed-walking one. It does look pretty natural, though. Or at least more natural than most animations.

I think it needs another frame or two so the leg doesn’t appear to disappear when it’s moving forward after extended back fully. Otherwise, though, it’s excellent.

Man, there’s an 18-pixel-wide area that a foot never even touches, but teleports though. I don’t think shading will help. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really cant tell what the last one is… an outline would help… and make it smaller maybe?

I like the fifth one a lot. The rest are good as well, but don’t have as much style.

I like 640X480 or something along those lines. Maybe even 800X600. A nice round number.


Please tell me you’ll put a Morita in his hands next time…