so i’ve been working on an isometric engine for a SRPG
(Final Fantasy Tactics, Disgaea etc)

and. its. gone.

all of it
fucking gone

the fuck do i do now?

i mean i could try to redo it exactly or i could try to make 3D maps and shit
i dunno

i want to continue, but shit I lost so much work

Use Github next time

How on earth is it gone?
Failed hard drive? There are great data recovery options for that.
Accidentally deleted from the cloud? Are their local copies on any of your devices? Does the cloud keep older versions / deleted files around for 30 days (like Dropbox)?
Are there any back up hard drives that were used? Can you find any flash drives or SD cards that may have been used to move the files around?
I can’t imagine how it would just disappear, unless you had equipment stolen or physically destroyed…

If that’s really the end of those files, that really sucks man, especially if you were very far along. :\ I had a similar experience when I first started making games and my good old Windows ME (eww) stopped booting right before I left on a family trip.
Just know that the skills and knowledge you got are still there and very durable, which means everything will be faster and easier the second time around, and now you know to keep several isolated backups so that this’ll never happen to you again.

i switched computers recently due to hardware failure on my old one
i guess the files only partially made it, and by partially i mean just the folder
and the old computer is effed

havent started over yet, still trying to figure out if i should do tile based
(which would have rotation issues)
or 3D maps with sprites
(which i’ve never touched)

if i DO do 3D maps, i could do things more like

and have an easier time rotating
but i’d have to learn a whole new thing that i have no idea where to start

If you did 3D I could create some awesome assets for you.

sold, time to learn some shit