This forum is a dictatorship because, among other things, the mods have no idea how to govern. They are incapable of looking at things objectively. You couldn’t see what harm there could be in banning 2 of the most active members to assert your dominance over the member body. You were even arguing that you were justified in your bans until the second you remembered you can just lock topics to avoid complications.

Couple other things to mention!

  1. Bureaucracies follow rules. We don’t! We follow your whims, as you yourself have admitted -“And although the admins don’t break the rules to set a good example, they technically are above them.”. You were mistaken in the idea that you don’t break the rules though.

2)You have yet to even begin to explain why Zurg was banned rather than demoted.

  1. PY’s ban still isn’t justified. But it’s silly to argue for somebody who doesn’t want to be unbanned.

  2. Democracies don’t require people knowing how to govern themselves, as evidenced by the United States of America. Though arguably that particular democracy is in the shitter at the moment, but we did have a while of being the world’s most powerful superpower.

  3. I believe in beating the fuck out of problems in government with regulations (yarr, liberalism). To put this is terms you’ll understand - we need to take the current semi-not-really-bureaucratic dictatorship and make it into a bureaucratic democracy. Transfer of power via checks and balances on the admins but not the member body. It’ll be AWESOME!

  4. Stop locking shit, that’s certainly not in the rules that you so closely follow.

Timmeh - 6
072 - 0

I like 072.
Don’t be dicks.

And how are our whims any different from rules? The point is that you follow them, as we follow the rules invisionfree gives us. A simple hierarchal system.

  1. He was trolling Daz and I nonstop since PY was banned instead of learning from PY’s mistake, and 2. Threats against the team are something I don’t take lightly.

It’s also silly to argue for someone who has no chance of coming back anyway, but you’re still doing it.

Interesting analogy, only the US belongs to the people, and the forum belongs to the administration. But hey, if you want to run things your own way, you’re more than welcome to write a declaration of independence and start your own forum. We won’t even give you any wars over it.

There would be no difference, except it would take longer to get things done due to most of the staff being inactive.

The very first line of the rules!

get moar staff

For most of us, P2D is like another home. It should be democratic, in my opinion.

I’m sorry but this is getting rediculous. :angry: 072, I may not know your past actions, but, you need to get a grip. It’s obvious you’ve lost control and if you don’t act responsibly, things may go as foretold. If things don’t shape up, I’m sure a mutiny will arise and the project will indeed be taken to a more CAPABLE location.

P.S. Threatining to ban us all for posting opinions on a forum is low, even for you.

We would get more staff, but there are no active members who are qualified.

Lower the qualification requirements. :stuck_out_tongue:

All it should take is someone who’s online at least every two or three days and is trustworthy.

I vote Pomegranate, Dragon, and/or Infinity’s End! :slight_smile:

Wow, I just realized we don’t have anywhere near as many active members as I thought. I’m even in the top 20 posters. Crazy.

I’m an active member, i have moderated forums before with not a single problem, also, i have been a member for nearly 5 years.

I’m active in periods, I can’t follow the rules 100% of the time and I’m probably the last one here that should be a moderator.

But I’m honest. And I’m a swede! (Dude, I fucking rock!)

I vote Rundas :smiley: He’s on EVERY day O.O

Dude, really?
Figure it out. They’re polar opposites. Chaos vs order, hell vs heaven type of thing.
And the point is that we don’t follow them, actually, because your whims are bullshit. We toe the line on invisionfree’s rules, because invisionfree has its own best interests in mind, not the interests of P2D. The other two steps of the hierarchy (mods and members) both have a common ground in P2D, and so shouldn’t have to battle each other the way they are now.

So he made a good point (in a trollish manner), made another good point (in a non-trollish manner), and informed you that you would be left behind if you did decide to tank the project entirely.
So his total offense amounts to telling Daz he’s a hypocrite. Bannable because… the mods have huge egos? Or because that’s a bannable offense in the rules?

I think one of the things I hate you is that you don’t say outright stupid things that often, but every sentence of your posts oozes with a gross misunderstanding of the way ethics work. I’m arguing for the good of the forum and the rights of its members because I believe its right, not because I believe I can instantly change your mind. That’s generally the idea behind protests.

List of things 072 doesn’t understand: 1) Ethics 2) Government.
The US is a democratic republic. The US belongs to its administration, not to the people. Guess who didn’t approve of the Louisiana purchase? The Iraq war? That’s right, the people! The difference between this forum and the democracy found in the US is that the government is chained down with an expansive and intricate system of checks and balances. The mods here have NO regulations.

Would I have been suspended if your decision was checked and balanced? I think not.

Okay, I’ll give you that, but you’re still a dick for locking every topic ever.

PS Appointing new mods should wait until a new rule system is approved.

so am I xD
i dont have school so i dont have much else to do
alas, i vote Rundas


I vote for somebody responsible and trustworthy
This would make an interesting poll xD

i like this idea

Again, we shouldn’t decide who should be a moderator before we decide what being a moderator entails. Rules first, appointing moderators later.

upholds the rules
keeps the peace
maintains an enjoyable environment for the forum goers

I’ll set up new forum rules tomorrow. I’ll make them very clear for both users and mods/admins so there won’t be any discussions and 13-page rants in the future.

That’s the bit I’d like to clarify. For instance, if I wanted to be appointed as mod, and then suddenly the rules said I have to ban people who talk back to Daz, I would think twice.

Thank you, DF! :slight_smile:

massive win

DF shall be our savior