95 posts till 50,000

is anyone else excited for no reason? =D



our e-penis is HUGE!!




22 more posts ;D

I suddenly want to boot up my old Windows 95.

Oh, yes! Other good times were when we hit 9 posts because it’s my lucky number, 10 posts because it’s a factor of 10, 13 posts because it’s unlucky, 16 posts because that’s when we get our licenses in most of the US, 18 posts because that’s when you’re generally considered an adult, 21 posts because that’s when the only things you can’t do are only done by politicians anyway, 23 posts because it’s an interesting movie that happens to be just like this post, 50 posts because it’s half of a factor of ten, 99 posts because it’s my lucky number twice, 100 posts because it’s a factor of ten, 121 posts because it’s 11 squared, 256 posts because it’s 2 to the 8th power, 317 posts because it’s a prime number, 500 posts because it’s half of a factor of ten, 800 posts because it’s a common US telephone prefix for businesses, 999 posts because it’s my lucky number three times, 1000 posts because it’s a factor of ten, 1337 posts because we’re just that elite, 2850 posts because that’s how many page views my website has…

I’m sure everyone got my point somewhere around “13.” :stuck_out_tongue: Let me know when we get to 62901, because that’s near where I live!

xD sweeeet

lets hope we get to 99,999 =D


8 =D

DeProgrammer you forgot:

7 - Because it’s an all around lucky number.
69 - Because… Well… You know.
151 - Because that was how many Pokemon were in the first seasons.
-1∆ - Because it will never quite reach zero.
∞ - Because it is it’s own paradox.
:smiling_face: - …because as I was exploring the Character Map I saw a smiley face and thought it was neat.


I see you! You’re all sitting on the front page clicking refresh every five seconds, huh? Admit it!

Ironic, five posts left, five people hovering…

yes i am


( please ignore double post >.<)



50001 Post. It’s the start of a new era!

i have the same shot, but your name is after mine xD

Hmm, why aren’t I on that list? <_<

Edit: Also, I reached my 100th post today, and therefore am a war wasp. Slightly relevant. Yayyy. To be honest, I hate the things.