ok, i wanna know: ow the heck do you get pwn from own?

P is one key to the right of o. Easy typo.

Its the same with “teh” … its a simple typo when people are typing fast. It just becomes natural to type it when you get people who play counterstrike and talk in leet speak all the time.

This topic is dead… so I’m going to revive it by stating that pwn is NOT 1337.
It’s just that 1337-sp33kers also say pwn. 1337 is coding words/letters into something that resembles the original visually, but is different. “@” instead of “at” is not 1337, “pwn” instead of “own” isn’t 1337. “t3h” instead of “teh” is 1337, but “teh” instead of “the” isn’t. “AlTeRnAtE cApS” instead of “alternate caps” isn’t, for the same reason that “A” isn’t 1337 for “a”. It’s not just defined as “anything weird with text,” it’s a sort of code.

Discuss. <_<

while internet slang is up, does anyone else think the words:

are extremely overused, and annoying?

No way, n00b = teh pwn. <_<

i used to play runescape alot. everyone talked like that. i was really confused. and then i just laughed at them. and got killed.

Wow seeing the “1337” title made me remember one thread were someone was saying “I’m elite and you aren’t” in 1337 and Timaster locked it up in 3 secs. Put anyways, no one talks in 1337 in RuneScape. Why? Cuz they are all 10 yr. olds who suck at life and have nothing else to do but “get Mithril Swords! OMG!”

Yeah, this is pretty much going nowhere.

And how can 10 year olds suck at life… they’re ten. <_<