We’re almost to 666 registered members. What happens then???
Screams as the forum burns down.

Srry, i hope you dont see this as spam, i just wanted to point it out.

looks at registered members count


looks at DooM: Bravo topic


Uh oh…

yeah…just like on 2006, 06,06 we all died…:stuck_out_tongue:

its just a number…

Who’s registered number is 666?

nobody yet

Actually, Ryan Phoenixan has member number 666.


… Almost to 666? I think what you meant to say was almost to 888.

darkmetroid had 666. he had numbers at end of his name too…

I’m waiting more for the 1337 member, actually. >_>

We passed 666 a while ago. There was a discussion about that somewhere… Apparently not in the Hi, I’m New topic.

At the bottom of the page it says 656. Why’s it innacurate??

But i dont beleive that “the world will end” crap.

That’s registered members. But doesn’t that mean we have almost 200 people who never registered their accounts?

so… ryan phoenixan is evil?

we should burn him at the stake…

OMG, that’s a little too religious.

i think it was a joke. but seriously. what do you mean 200 members that never registered??

no…its just fine…he has a rayman avatar…he must be satanic


true, true…

anyway, it WAS a joke…

whoever took that siriously is siriously mistaken.

Lol, naw, i knew you were joking, i was just pulling your leg. And Rayman is evil.

Lol why does everyone hate rayman these days? I liked his game for N64.

i enjoyed the games on ps1 but they were kind of hard/boring and i began to hate them. they even scared me a little. >_>

its weird how people register for nothing. each day i look at the place where it says " our newest meber is…" and once i saw this ‘full metal’ guy and i never saw any sign of him. and if you you saw ‘metroid_man’ there, he’s just my friend i just told him about the forums and he wanted join…

is metroid_man registered on the midishrine forum?