Too much Mario

I want to bring up a topic that has been on my chest for awhile, and I’m sure other people are thinking this too.

Does it seem that Nintendo is leaning on Mario too much. I mean, I’m looking at my NP mag right now and seeing nothing but: Mario Tennis, Mario Party, Mario Baseball, Mario platform games, etc. Sure, they’ve got Metroid and Zelda, but there’s only one or two games out a year. And with not as many third-parties as Sony and Microsoft, I’m not sure where Nintendo is going.

Mario is getting milked way too much. Always has been. But it’s a good thing. If they have to whore out someone, whore out a fat plumber–that way, everyone’s favorite sexy gunner and badass elf get rare but awesome games, while the scary Italian dude is stick with tons of crappy ones.


Yeah there are way to much mario games…

But I heard something of a soccer game called ‘‘super mario strikers’’ I think it could become a cool game :smiley:

they do have a lot of mario games

but you have to understand: mario defines nintendo

I just hope the same thing doesn’t happen to Samus and Link, and one big example is Metroid Pinball (how does that fit into the story!!??).

Metroid Tennis :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
Image it :laughing: :laughing:

I think the main reason they have so many Mario Games is because they’re probably the easiest to make and don’t take so long. Also-

Since you said that Metroid and Zelda take longer to make, that’s probably what makes them better than Mario. The longer somebody works on a game, the better it should turn out to be.

(Of course, not all games that take longer to make are better, (especially Conker: Live and Reloaded, and some of the Yoshi Games (mainly Yoshi’s Tough and Go), but mot of the time, they do (turn out better)

So… How… would that work?.. What do you have to hit as the ball? A baby metroid? The Morph Ball?.. And who would be the main characters? Samus, obviously, but who else? Space Pirates (and their most likely undeniable ‘ability’ to chop the tennis racket in half?..)

No it can’t. it was just a joke :laughing: … but if you image it: kraid on a tennis field.than they have to enlarge the tennisfield a bit… :stuck_out_tongue:

No kidding, what an awful thing to do… just gotta look at it like the CD-i Zelda games, not part of the story at all.

Now about Mario, I do seriously think they are done with him. Paper Mario was cool (didn’t play PM2 or Mario and Luigi), and I personally didn’t even like Mario Sunshine.

All they need to do is look back at all those old school games, like Mario 3 for the NES. That game was abso-f***in’-lutly amazing! All the different worlds, saving the kings from being animals, all leading down to Bowzer’s bad-ass land, filled with tanks and friggin hard levels! It was amazing! They need to go back to that formula. ANd have Mario travel through strange and amazing worlds. Hell, I want to see Mario use a freaking fireball! I want to see him flying through a 3D redition of those flying fortresses. Just think of how amazing the potential is! That would be awesome, but no, we give him a watergun instead, and make mario jump thorugh magical portals into small worlds. How hard would it be to make it action packed and have the occasional puzzle. Back in the day, Mario was about kickin’ ass, not collecting Stars and Shines, like an old boring man collects stamps. Jesus!

Teddy Bear Suit!
The Boot!

All amazing ideas ignored for a possible 3D rendition. WHen Retro took Metroid into 3D they kept the original components of the game alive, which makes their games so good. The Mario 3D switch by Nintendo eradicated all that they built. I’m not saying Mario 64 was bad at all, I loved it. It’s just the old ones are just so much better, and I don’t see why Mario hasn’t grabbed a fireflower for over 10 years. It’s just depressing.

Mario Golf was okay but Mario Baseball!?!?!?!?

I think that Mario should stick to adventures, RPGs, and platformers. Mario Party was fine, but they’re getting kinda old. Mario Tennis was okay, but why do they have to make Mario an all-around sports star. I’ve like Mario for ten years now, more than half my life, but they are going too far. More stuff like Paper Mario, M&L, and the Mario Bros. series is where they should go. And that idea of 3-d SMB3 would be even cooler with co-op play with Luigi.

Mario Party sucked after 2 or 3 !!!

I love personally love Mario Kart: Double Dash!! because it was a great party game. They should release games like that rarely, and games like Paper Mario and the games that fit into the story less often, than always.

G4 Tech TV Quote from E3: “Mario is a whore.”

Now im not flaming i’m using this as saying that Mario (even though he defines nintendo) is being majorly overused. DDR mario/all mario sports games, there’s just too much Mario.

P.S. I do like the Mario games I just can’t stand the fact that there will be a DDR Mario. Double Dash was one of the best mario games ever.

Wait, wait, hold the phone. What the deuce is DDR?

In quite differant words, that was my next question…

DDR = Dance Dance Revolution. It’s some funky dancing game with arrows that can be played via a footpad or with a normal controller. I never quite saw the appeal of it, but it’s quite popular.

…you’re kidding. That has to be one of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard of… :angry:

Sadly its true, you get to make Mario boogie down. God, I hope they don’t make him sing with microphone controller

Mario has become a person where you can slap him on anything and make it a game. He has already been in several sports titles, and this doesn’t really bother me. I probably will never get DDR, but I don’t think its going to hurt mario. Something that will help mario: Another 3-D adventure game. '64 and Sunshine are both awesome games. I’ve been awaiting 128 for quite a while- hoping that it will be the next Mario 64. It’s been in development since the launch of the GCN, so it better be a good game. Sounds like a perfect way to launch the revolution. :smiley: