Tons of megacycles

if you played a Metroid prime game you are aware about this beta cycles, mega cycles and other tons of cycles that samus scan in dead corpses, but does anyone know what is the equivalent of this cycles in our normal time? i am aways curious about how much time passed since the death, i dont know if the creature died ages ago or just a few moments before i arrived… so, you guys gotta clue?

Well, I’m guessing “Deca cycles” would mean 10-something. The question is…10, 100, 10000, 100000…etc.

I’m no expert, but I’ll try and explain this for those of you who will listen:

I’m guessing that a cycle is a single “galactic standard day.” This could be attributed to the word “cycle” which could very well mean the rotation of a planet. In other sci-fi settings dealing with galactic civilization, they always seem to use a standard day which is close to ours, therefore, we can relate. Now, there are many different forms of “galactic standard days”, or at least ones that I am familiar with. I know for a fact that the standard for galactic time in Star Wars is exactly 24 hours (Rogue Squadron Series). Though I forget the name, I’m also aware that a standard of time in Battlestar Galactica is equal to or close to 24 hours (possibly 25, an added hour for good measure). Now that we have established that their time is close to ours at least in days, we must look to the other forms of time mentioned. As you have stated, Metroid Fanatic, there is in fact a time known as a “deca cycle” which, according to the root word, means a unit of ten. The other forms such as beta cycles and mega cycles may have some meaning as per the Roman alphabet, but this is an anomaly when one compares them to the deca cycles. Therefore, we can only determine these original two (not discounting “centi cycles” or other times using these roots which I am not currently aware of). The problem now lies with this “deca cycle”. If this type of root is true for multiple times, then this cannot be attributed to our time. As many of us know, our calendar (Roman Catholic) is not working on a base ten system. This leaves us with a dead end. Unless someone could consort with the actual people/person who made this time system, we cannot progress any further as to knowing what this all means.

Still, as stated, this is mere speculation. If any more people would like to enlighten us further, please, do not hesitate to do so.

So… assuming Gold Leader’s “Galactic standard day” theory is right, every decacycle is ten days. Ten decacycles is therefore one hundred days Earth time. So about 36 decacycles would be a year.

Of course, this is all theory and we have no real idea. But I guess it might give you a reference point or something, I don’t know.