To n00bs who want to learn how to make games:

Alright there has been some accounts of n00bishness at levels so high that I have to post this. It might not help [i]A LOT[i] but it can teach you the steps. It even proves that good sprites can be made in MS Paint!
Designing a Video Game

it has a link to a funny starcraft video lol.

This might be helpful for making rpgs though… not very helpful but somewhat…

addictive little background music.

Yeah, that’s only for designing a very basic RPG Maker game, but it whips through everything so fast and skips so many steps it wouldn’t even be helpful for that…

…i just kinda listened to it, so…yeah, lol.

that was weird, what programming language did he use right there? it looks like somekind of TGF thing…

RGSS(Ruby Gaming Scripting System).

Czar: oh, looks nice, I’ll try it =D, I never really planned on making RPG’s though <_<

Unless RGSS is like the exact same thing, it’s actually an RPG Maker. Everything in the video looks just like one of those at least. <_<

maping, coding, and the script language was all xp, spriting was photoshop or something.

…Then why did you just say it was RGSS?

Edit: Nevermind. Got it. RGSS is the same kind of script style, RPG Maker’s events are just based on it.