tips for publicity

i have had a forum for more than half a year now, but i only have 5 members :frowning: . what are some ways i could get more people to join?

Lol. Funny, i’ve had a forum for about 2 weeks. There isnt much activity there, but it’s still under construction. If you look below my post, my sig has a link to the forum. I just put it there this morning, but because of this, i should get more members soon. And doing this on multiple forums is even better. That’s the only way I can think of. Or, you can affiliate with other sites, so they will have a link to your forum on their site. Or, you can just email/invite people.

Those are the only methods i can think of.

Sig advertisements are good. Inviting people personally tends to annoy them, however.

But with the ones it doesn’t annoy, that’s about the only way to do it. I never click sig links, but I’ll sometimes join a forum when I’m personally asked to do so. There’s no foolproof method.



I just dont like the idea, though there are specific people I would ask to join (mainly for moderating reasons).

thanks for the link has been in my sig for awhile.

Make it bigger. Make it “jump out” at people.

Mine was made on the SCU forums. It’s hard to ignore, right??

There should be some sort of reason to go to the forum. If it’s just a generic “come here and talk about some particular videogame or videogame series or just video games in general” sort of forum, don’t expect it be very popular when there are much larger and better forums with the same ideas that have been around for a lot longer (unless you are one of the much larger and better forums that’s been around for a while).

You need some sort of gimmick, to make your forum stand out, so that it doesn’t just shout “I MADE THIS BECAUSE I WANTED MY OWN FORUM NOW COME AND MAKE ME POPULAR”. Be original, give the forum potential for being fun to visit, organize the forum, set up a nice punishment system, get a shiney skin, and THEN start advertizing. That way you’ll attract a whole lot more people.

As for some examples about creativity… If you want your forum to be based on music, which is fairly uncommon anyway (a good thing in this case), set up a lot of boards that members would want to participate in. The obvious ones that come to mind are composing songs and such, and those are good, but be more creative, too. Add another board for something like “Musical Games”, where members come up with games (like 16 people sign up and they each make one instrument track based on given chords and sections throughout the piece then put them all together when they’re finished to see how it sounds) and put them into action. Sound fun? It’s that sort of thing that gets people interested. Add a few of those, but don’t overdo it, and wait to see how they turn out. If a board gets unpopular and dies away, replace it or remove it until people want it back, so that the forum itself doesn’t eventually get unpopular and die away.

Edit: If you’re interested, this is pretty much why the Metroid Net Mission forums are in their current state. The progress board (visible only to team members) is the most active one there… And it’s pretty dead right now, too. There’s just hardly anything different from this one, and we haven’t advertized much at all.

Yeah. That’s what i’ve kinda been trying to do.

Personally, i’d like to know what you think of my forum. Is the skin to “kiddyish??”. Are the boards organized well?? Is it catchy???

Im still working on the duels section, trying to make it more original and fresh.

funny u say that, cus i just joined your forums cus i saw your sig and wondered about it… its also good if u try something funny in ur sig to grab attention, like halberd’s sprite bottle =)

Lol. I had mine made by someone at the SCU forums. I didnt expect the end result to have a karate man and a sprite bottle, but it really is very catchy and funny. Just what i need to kick start my forum. However, the layout of any forum is important. It must be appealing, and must be well organized. I feel mine is organized, but the layout bothers me.

when i search p2d on google, the forum is second on the list.when i search my forum, its nowhere to be do i get on atleast the second page?

Well, you need a reason to make your forum worth posting on.

HELP!! Having MAJOR skin problems

People on my forum are complaining. I want something battly, but i’m being selfish by choosing red all the time (my fave color). I dont really know what I want, but I know I want it to be distinct. I love my current skin, but the buttons all clash terribly and i’ts ugly and confusing and I want to cry and this is a runon sentence.

sob sob

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