Tips and Hints needed, links to tutorials?

Hey. I hope I’m not just another run-of-the-mill noob, probably am.
But hey, I did read the FAQ and stuff so I’m not too bad I guess.

Anyway. Basically my skills are:

Basic recoloring of sprites
Basic sound editing

So as you can see, hardly a thing.
(certainly not enough for a game, anyway) So, between now and a year from now, I would like to have learned most of the things needed to program my own little demo.

I have some questions, however.

1 Are there some good tutorials anyone can recommend? (maybe there were some in the FAQ, but I don’t recall any)
2 How necessary is it to have the registered version of GM, and the 6.1 version, which someone linked to but I cannot find now?
3 Sprites. I have found a bunch of good sprites, but they are in one large image.

But perhaps these are not the correct type? My question was that I could not figure out how to get them to be just the sprite, rather than the bulbous blue/white/grey box around. (Once I have cut them up using paint, gimp, photoshop) Do I need to use the lasso-type tool to get just the image? But then it will still be on a white background. Am I making myself clear?


the Sax

I have unbelievably said this over and over again and I swear someone is gonna ban me and my IP for saying it another time… GAME MAKER IS NOT THE WAY TO GO BRO!

Oookaayyy… What IS the way to go? TGF? C++ programming? (ouch)

For awhile I won’t be able to buy the full editions of any programs…

Like I said, I’m a noob… A clean slate… Bear in mind that rock does not absorb information very well, but can be broken [in].


Please stop saying that.

Game Maker can do anything that you can do in other languages, just slower, and it’s a little easier to learn than other languages. The only reason I’ve recently switched to C++ is because I couldn’t use the Separating Axis Theorem and some other things in the way that I want for my advanced collision detection. The Separating Axis Theorem!

All you’re doing by telling people to stop using Game Maker is dissuading them from programming the game they want to make. Maybe you do absolutely hate Game Maker and can’t stand it in every way, shape, and form, but you have to understand that you’re not making the people who want to learn how to program very optimistic and hopeful.

Don’t mind him, sax. He lashes out at everyone. >_>

Oh, but I should warn you–TSGK has some really funky sprite use rules, even though their sprites are, yknow, rips anyway. But they watermark them and everything to make sure no one uses them wrongly and stuff.

Use The Spriters’ Resource (I forget the link–but um, Google it) instead. They have a lot of Metroid rips too.


You mean this?


That’d be the one.

Ok, cool, so I’ve got those. That was a very big help. Now, what do I need to do to have them show up in game maker without the edges? (I mean, if I just cut them up with paint or gimp they are just going to have the white/blue edges, right? Or does game maker automatically filter those out?


(Thanks a ton)

Edges? You mean the background color? You can use photoshop or giffy or the-gimp or something to make them transparent, but I think GM has the option to set transparency once they’re in the game anyway. I haven’t used it in ages, but I had no trouble making my pirates transparent back then, so…

Thanks for the help. I just have two last questions:

1 Are there some good tutorials anyone can recommend? (for GM)

2 How necessary is it to have the registered version of GM, and the 6.1 version, which someone linked to but I cannot find now?

Oh yeah, and another thing: should I be saving in bitmaps or gifs?

dont triple post…

dont even double post…

just edit your previous post, or, if u want to bump it, delete your previous one, then repost that with the new info. thats what i do :slight_smile:

i myself use gamemaker (and admit it can be a little slow sometimes, but it gets the job done very well anyways :slight_smile: ) gamemaker, like any programming will take time,
use the tutorials at

from there register for the forums (examples, faqs, novice, your not advanced, trust me).
as for register, you should start without it, and learn code (look for it on the examples section of the forums), either buy it, or um…
freeware it man…

ahem…but that is totally wrong, and a bad thing…


also, save as bitmap, or png, i prefer those anyways.

anything else man? :slight_smile:

I don’t know what these sprites in the sprite pack from the Spriter’s Resource is for.

Click here.

Any ideas?


those might be sa-x sprites from fusion or some customs. i, personally, have no idea.


It’s the SA-X, but with its torso and legs shortened like crazy to make it a midget.

I’m sorry, I utterly confused you guys. I accidentally distorted that image. Here is the actual size, with the ones I meant circled.

read the caption under the name “semi-juggular”… that should explain it all. he said they are sa-x sprites with new poses he added…

Wouldn’t it be better to use normal Super Metroid sprites instead of edited SA-X?